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Ultrasonic Super whatever

Misc, Plain Crazy Thingson February 6th, 20092 Comments

See this snazzy looking contraption here? 


Looks like a shower no?

Apparently it’s no ordinary shower … 


I guess you can’t call a spade a spade anymore these days ….

This thing here is an Ultrasonic Bubble Super Aroma Ozone Hydrotherapy machine thingy….. 


What the hell is an Ultrasonic Bubble Super Aroma Ozone Hydrotherapy??

I feel pretty dumb just saying it….




Kong Hei Fatt Choy to all~!

A Lot Of Nonsense, Miscon January 26th, 20094 Comments

Take a look here.

Have you ever wondered ….

Have you ever just wondered what an angpau packet ….


…. and 2 guitars have in common? 


 Or have you ever wondered what the difference is between …

….. a Bluetooth headset … 


…. and a CD of Chinese New Year hits?


Well. Quite frankly, I also don’t know.

Now that I’ve gotten your attention …..

Have a Happy Chinese New Year people~! May the Year Of The Ox bring us good wealth and all that jazz… 


I do hope the Chinese character up there means Ox.

And for the uninitiated ….


… here’s a picture of 2 oxen to remind us that oxen aren’t really that cute and cuddly in real life.

Kong Hei Fatt Choy~!!

MCKJsdrweWR what?

Good ol Kanasai KL, Miscon December 27th, 2008No Comments

Erhmm … I’m not really into brand names.

Raoul …. Burberry…. Coach …. those I know.

So forgive my ignorance if I were to ask ….


… just exactly … 


….. how we pronounce this?


I’ll have to admit this….

Good ol Kanasai KL, Miscon November 17th, 20087 Comments

It’s been a week since I’ve updated my blog.

I really have to admit this mates ….. I find that whereas in KT, I wait for time to pass by, in KL, I find that I’m chasing time.

So please forgive me if updates do not come as frequently as they used to.

The time now is 12.30am, just came back from Setapak where a friend’s car broke down and he needed a ride.

Tomorrow’s a brand new week filled with kanasai-ness


Miscon October 11th, 20086 Comments

Something tells me …….. 


 …..these people don’t speak English very much…..



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