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Of Peculiar Requests

Pharmacy Related, Very the Kanasaion September 17th, 2012No Comments

Working in a retail pharmacy, I sometimes get really weird requests from customers ….

Like the other day, I came to work and saw this note tacked up near my desk, no doubt written by one of my staff…



Ronald McHospital

Pharmacy Related, Very the Kanasaion September 3rd, 2012No Comments

This is Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, or HUKM for short …..

Looks like a typical hospital from the outside…..


But then ….. SUDDENLY …..


Because Normal Cough Ingredients Are Too Mainstream …

Pharmacy Related, Very the Kanasaion March 6th, 2012No Comments

Have you ever tried taking one of those Cap Tiga Kaki kinda cough mixtures?

The ones that have absolutely no proof that they work yet you take them cause your dead grandfather told you it’s good?

Yup, something like this?

Bet you’ve never ever taken a look at the ingredients have you?

Well, being a pharmacist (not pharmacee mind you), I thought I’d just take a glance behind the box ….

Cause that’s what we pharmacists do …. look at medicine ingredients and pretend we know what we’re looking at.

But if you take a closer look ….

You’ve got yada yada yada ….

But if you take a MUCH closer look ….

You’ll be like …..


A Hairy Event

Pharmacy Related, Very the Kanasaion February 6th, 20114 Comments

Let’s get things rolling with this really kanasai thing that happened to me the other day.

My hospital had a Malam Mesra event the other night.

Yes you heard me right. It was called Malam Mesra. No it wasn’t a social event for hopeful singles. And no it wasn’t some pervert’s night out.

No…. it was a chance for all the hospital staff to get under one roof and to ‘bermesra’ with each other. Hence the name Malam Mesra.

Hmmm … still sounds wrong to me.

Anyway, the main thing that got us all going was the fact that there were lucky draws throughout the entire night. And I got lucky that night. For I got drawn. WoohooOo.

So when I got home I tore open the gift and found this …..

Hair Dryer 1

WooohoOoo. It was a hair dryer~!  ….

Hair Dryer 2

Check it out wei. Haven’t heard of the brand Princess but it was a lucky draw.

Hair Dryer 3

 Now …..

Hair Dryer 4

…. if only I can find enough hair on my head to dry with that darned machine.


Google goggle google goggle

Pharmacy Related, Plain Crazy Thingson July 5th, 20092 Comments

You know the information age is really hitting our shores when you go into the ward to check medications ….

….And see this lying around ….


… And then take a look at where they keep the above shown device ….




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