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Music For The Soul

My Favourites, Thoughts to Ponderon November 13th, 2007No Comments

So I was rambling on and on about how music is being done injustice to these days…

I took the liberty of compiling a list of bands and songs that I personally feel are what music is all about.

If there was a God in the music world, he would’ve split Himself into the 5 members of Dream Theater. He would’ve pinched Jojo so hard in her rear end, she’d cry and promise never to wreck any old classic hit ever again. He’d smack P Diddy for his constant identity crisis and quite possibly just murder Jessica Simpson for doing raunchy remakes of old songs.
Just check out their most radio friendly song “Another Day”

Dream Theater – Another Day

Ooo… and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I’m not even beginning to talk about their absolutely progressive pieces with weird time signatures like 9/8, 15/6, 288/354….. or their mind blowing 20 minute songs. Check out this excerpt from ther song ‘Lie’ … Go ahead … I challenge you to find the time signature for that. Oh … I do believe that John Petrucci just mIGht be God in disguise …. He’s the type of guy who could play a bad note on the guitar and still make it sound good… all the time.

Dream Theater – Lie First Solo Break

If you want to listen to music that can bring tears to your eyes, take a listen to U2’s “With Or Without You”. Interesting to note that these guys can actually use only a simple 4 note progression throughout the entire song, yet tell a whole story with it.

U2 – With Or Without You

Then there’s of course one of the most classic rock bands in history.. Metallica. That’s until they got Trujillo the ape as a bassist and decided to tune their guitars so low, they now sound like they’re all playing bass guitars. Whatever it is, throughout the earlier part of their careers, they’ve managed to come up with some of the best tunes in rock. This particular song was what made me start listening to rock in the first place. “The Unforgiven”

Metallica – The Unforgiven

Other than the fact that their drummer has only one arm (yes he does) the thing that intrigues me the most is how Def Leppard manages to get that whole opera-like chorusy effects in all their choruses. It sounds like there are a dozen people singing in a dozen harmonies. Take a listen to their classic hit “When Love and Hate Collide” Isn’t that how all music should be written?

Def Leppard – When Love And Hate Collide

If you don’t like Guns N Roses, you probably haven’t heard “November Rain”. Of course you’ll know them from Sweet Child Of Mine but this one’s just so classic in so many ways. How they managed to incorporate a piano, an orchestra, electric guitars and drums all into one song with such taste is really mind boggling. And when Slash comes out with his Les Paul blazing…. sheer music

Guns N Roses – November Rain

Okay …. Those were all classic rock bands. I’ll be back with my list of songs and bands today that I find are worth keeping in my iPOD

…. Kanasai

What the bloody hell is that?

Disputable Language, It Can Only Be KT, My Favourites, Very the Kanasaion November 4th, 20071 Comment

Eh, come take a look at this………


Zoom in a little closer ….


What’s that you’re asking me ? Oh right I heard you ….


Holy mother of kanasai …..

I’ll let you guys know in my next posting ….. *chuckle*

Strike Out

It Can Only Be KT, My Favourites, Very the Kanasaion October 31st, 2007No Comments


I just came back from lunch. While I passed Maybank, I saw Maybank employees going on strike. They were all lined up carrying signs that read :

‘Pekerja Maybank ditindas’

‘Sila Bunyikan Hon kalau anda setuju’


I was rather amazed at this exubarent display of displeasure. But then at 2pm after lunch on the way back, they weren’t there anymore.

….They were all back at work.

I heard from someone that they’ve been doing this everyday for the past month now. I guess they’re part time on strike, part time working….

What the … ?

 …. Kanasai

Huh? Liddat wan ar?

It Can Only Be KT, My Favouriteson October 16th, 20074 Comments

It’s been really some time back since I’ve taken these photos. But I was just browsing through my old pictures and saw some that just really made me go like ….’ Wah kanasai niah’  


I walked past this car and had this sudden omen of death …. that death CAN occur anytime. It was so bad, I had visions of the 44444444444 in my sleep that night. *blink*blink*


And this one …. I tell you kanasai, luckily this really huge sign was there man, I was just about to rip the clothes off my (male) housemate who was next to me in the car and bermaksiat right out there in the open. Phew talk about a close call.


Here’s an interesting one. Notice how the car’s backside is jutting out of the parking box. It looks like a dog who put his head into a bottle and got stuck halfway through…..


… And take a look at this one along the next street ….. This is my car. Noleh kanasai, you can’t say it’s a Kelisa and it’s not the same. I think even if it was a freaking truck, there would still be extra space for an elephant to walk through.

Perhaps those parking box drawers over here have never used measurement tapes in their lives. Kanasai


And this is Chinatown. Yup …. All of Chinatown. What you see is what you get. Stretching from the white building on the left to the blue one down there. Chinatown is really ‘huge’ here I tell you. But wait till you see this …..


I think small children and quite possibly even small animals may get terrified by this painting. And can it get any blacker? Kanasai


Ooh, this one’s my personal favourite. They give you directions to food man. It’s like walking past Petaling Street and seeing a signboard with words like ‘Jalan Cheng Lock’, ‘Jalan Tun H.S Lee’, ‘Jalan Petaling’ and then ‘Fatty Uncle’s Famous Wantan Mee’.

Kanasai man ~!

Burgers in a faraway place

It Can Only Be KT, My Favouriteson October 7th, 20071 Comment


Okay so take a look at this.

Nolah I’m not asking you to look at the Mercedeslah …. kanasai.

Yes it’s McD. In KT~! Yup it’s opening soon.

Would you believe me if I told you there has never been a McD in KT before this?

I do believe in time to come, history in KT will be divided into 2 eras ….The time BEFORE there was McD…. and the time AFTER it opened ……

I’m glad I’ll be there to witness this historic transition

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