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That Inverted Coma video

Band Related, Somewhat Serious Issueson April 30th, 2012No Comments

You knew it was bound to happen …. Those 5 ugly looking guys in that band ….

Making music and making everyone uncomfortable with their music.

So what better way to carry on this discomfort than by making a video of all this discomfort.

In case you can’t get enough of them, do visit our Facebook page over here .

Inverted Coma Official Facebook Fan Page

Once you’re there, no harm liking this fan page no?

In the meantime enjoy the video!

Totally Unkanasai~!

Backlinks and more Backlinks

Somewhat Serious Issueson September 5th, 2011No Comments

I know it’s unorthodox of me to post about anything other than kanasai stuff on this blog.

But I recently launched a kanasai Backlinks business that offers …. yup … backlink packages for up and coming online businesses who want to increase their page rank in Google.

Now, let me speak English.

Whenever you google a word, for example, ‘buy shoes online’, do you ever wonder why some websites turn up first in your search and others are buried after page 2?

Google rates webpages according to their relevancy with regard to your search words. And this relevancy is calculated in terms of how many links you have from other websites pointing back to your site. In other words ….. Backlinks.

So in simple terms, the more backlinks you have, the higher the relevancy of the search and the higher your page rank will be in Google.

There’s a term used to coin what I’m doing here and that’s called Search Engine Optimiation, or SEO for short. But that’s a whole different story …

Anyway, this is where I come in. You can buy backlinks from my website to boost your page rank in Google. Simple as that.

So for those interested, head on over to to choose from various Backlink Packages at affordable prices.

Totally Unkanasai~!

Okie so I admit …

Somewhat Serious Issueson March 5th, 20102 Comments

All right …. I’ll have to admit. The blog hasn’t been updated in ages.

It’s just that I’ve been swamped with things to do, especially at a time where I’ll be taking the biggest step in my life…

No I’m not coming out of the closet …. kanasai.

Well, the 2 biggest steps actually. Let’s just say one involves a ring and the other involves renovation.

Of course this doesn’t mean that I’ll be closing down for good.

It’s just that I’ll be posting less often from now until some time in June. Once June comes and everything’s out of the way, you can expect K a n a s a i to resume full operation~!

To all you loyal readers out there, I thank you for your erhm … loyalty.

Do continue checking in … you never know when I might make that next kanasai observation ….


Somewhat Serious Issues, Thoughts to Ponderon October 13th, 20096 Comments

Have you ever thought of getting your own  dot com? Along with your own server space? As well as reseller hosting rights and other equally cool stuff?

Am I talking English?

Well I am actually.

To put it simply, say you run a blog over at blogspot. And you find that just doesn’t cut it for you. It doesn’t sound cool enough.

And you want people to know your blog as

Well think no further…..

(Shameless self promo alert)


…. and head on over to

You’ll find that we offer hosting plans from as low as RM20 per year. Once you sign up, (on top of giving us business), you’ll get your own server space, your own domain and also cool email addresses that you can set for yourself.

So if you register your domain as, you can set your own cool email addresses like or don’

Do note that we only offer you .com coolness. We can’t help it if your domain selection doesn’t sound cool to start with. So if you’re thinking of getting, do think again.

Okay, on a more serious note,

We over at strive to provide you with an  affordable and cheap way of hosting your website. Hosting could be anything, ranging from starting your own blog, to setting up your own online business.

For as low as RM20 per year, with a bit of extra charge for domain registration, you could be having your very own website with your very own dot com. Or dot net, or dot org depending on availability.

Already having your own website at a different web host that’s charging you a bomb? No problem, we also offer transfer services. Meaning to say we’ll transfer your entire website from your previous server to our server, all at absolutely no charge.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out now~!


Inverted Coma in Galaxie … really?

Band Related, Somewhat Serious Issueson September 22nd, 20092 Comments

If you’re down at the magazine shop and happen to see Galaxie magazine on the stands ….

I implore you to pick up a copy for yourself.

For Inverted Coma‘s in it~!

Yup, we’d already suspected it the other day when Edward Gomez, an editor of the magazine met up with us and started asking us questions about the band.

So do get yourself a copy …..

Or you could just like …. click on the picture, enlarge the article and read it here … 


…… and indirectly contribute to magazine piracy~! WoohOoo.

But seriously now, it’s a great magazine with great content so do get yourself a copy and check it out.


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