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Inverted Coma on Just Jivin TV2

Band Related, Misc, Somewhere Elseon April 3rd, 2008No Comments

Was just talking about Good News and Bad News the other day ….

Well … the bad news is no longer bad news~! We managed to get a hold of the video of Inverted Coma on Just Jivin, TV2~!

But then again most of you would find an interview with 5 ugly looking guys who play really horribly noisy music bad news as well.

Nevertheless, there was a TV2 dude (Vinnie Voo) who came into the studio that day and asked us awkward questions and took shots of us from our worst angles.

He kept to his word.

He really did give the tape over to TV2. He didn’t sell the tape to Astro to be aired on ‘The 50 Worst Malaysian Bands Ever’

So here we have it, Inverted Coma featured on Just Jivin, TV2, 24th March 2008.

Inverted Coma featured on Just Jivin, TV2

For those of you who want to further punish yourselves by viewing the video again, the video will be in the My Videos section that can be found on one of the tabs at the top of the page.

Incidentally, there’re a few home recorded videos that I did recently and which I posted there too so do visit that page k? Pretty please? *blink*blink*

And of course, what’s the fun of having a blog when you can’t shamelessly promote things that you think are great, even when others think they’re not?

If you want to hear more tunes from Inverted Coma, you can visit us at our MySpace page at….


Good news and bad ….

Band Related, Misc, Somewhere Elseon March 25th, 20087 Comments

Here’s the good news …..

Inverted Coma was on TV2 last night~! WoohooOoo.

We knew there was something up when this big dude called Vinnie Voo came into the studio a few months back with a TV2 camera and took videos of us jamming.

We thought he was just some random fan who’d come to record his favourite band.


So fast forward to last night and WHAM …. there we were on TV2. For a half hour~! On some programme called Jivin It at 11.30pm – 12am.

Now here’s the bad news ….

Because it’s on TV and no one knows what the hell a VCR is anymore, I have absolutely no evidence of it being aired last night ….


Oh well, anyway thanks for the call naybora~!

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