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Ultrasonic Super whatever

Misc, Plain Crazy Thingson February 6th, 20092 Comments

See this snazzy looking contraption here? 


Looks like a shower no?

Apparently it’s no ordinary shower … 


I guess you can’t call a spade a spade anymore these days ….

This thing here is an Ultrasonic Bubble Super Aroma Ozone Hydrotherapy machine thingy….. 


What the hell is an Ultrasonic Bubble Super Aroma Ozone Hydrotherapy??

I feel pretty dumb just saying it….




The Kanasai Year That Was ….

A Lot Of Nonsense, My Favourites, Plain Crazy Thingson January 4th, 20094 Comments

I started this blog back in September 2007.

I think that was when civilization took a great plunge.

You know that picture of evolution ……. I think it looks something like this :


Then on September 2007 I started this Kanasai blog,  then BAM …….


I remember my first ever posting as being the incessant grumblings of a disgruntled pharmacist. Being stuck in KT and all. I was going on and on and on about how unfair life was, how life sucked and how fat I was becoming ….

And a whole load of other boring things…..

I can’t believe I actually asked you guys out there to love thy chickens. It was a youtube video about how KFC was supposedly mistreating their chickens.


I mean …. who the heck was I kidding? It’s already a known fact that we ALL already DO love our chickens.

It’s just that some of us love them fried ……


And others love them in curry…


But one good thing that came out of all this was that these posts served as a platform for all my other posts in 2008. The absolutely kanasai ones.

Like the one where Jolin Tsai was tacked up on our bathroom door in KT. 


Ho hum ….

Or the ever infamous PISGOR sign that got me baffled all day long ….. 


Oh well. Then of course there was the really hip and happening NOKLA phone that would’ve given Nokia a run for its money.



You can almost imagine this tagline being used by whoever it is who made these NOKLA phones ….


Ahhh. I loved those days. When I wasn’t busy spotting all the weird happenings over in KT, I’d be making fun of whatever it is I could think of.

I reckon my favourite posts are the ones…..

about the Quaint Little Indian Barber Shops ….

And about those Dumb Emails….

Also …. the one on Why Friendster is Losing Out To Facebook

And the one about Dumb Names

I can’t really pull out any excerpts from those posts for they have to be read in their entirety for them to actually make any sense.

So do click on the links above yar. I promise you you won’t regret it.

But then again even if you do regret clicking on those links, I’ve already fooled you into clicking anyway….

 A big tongue out for you ….. =P

Of course …… being a government servant ….. taking a whack at the government was inevitable.

Like this one about everything bloody thing being Hak Kerajaan …. 


Who’s that bozo anyway? What kind of an idiot would stick the Hak Kerajaan label on his forehead, take a picture of it and put it up on his blog for laughs?

That’s crazy. Imagine that.

Ermm ……

I was saying?

Right. Goverment bashing. The one about the Biro Tatanegara remains quite a popular one too. The fact that I actually survived 5 days in that shithole and lived to tell tales about it shows …. what’s that you say? …

….. what kind of a weakling I actually am?

Hey …. it was really that tough okay.

Moving on…..

I have a whole bunch of posts on the kursus I’ve been to all year. Like the ILKAP, the induksi, my the kursus in Johor. But then they’re really snooze inducing so I reckon I won’t mention them …

Wait …. by mentioning that I won’t mention them, I already did mention them.  

I think I need a life. 

Anyway, signs. Signs and more signs. I find that some people can be really funny without even realising it.

Like when they pick out names for their shops ….. 


Mann ….. what the heck were they thinking? PMS Store?

But then …. I don’t think they can ever top this …. 


I’m guessing these people don’t know what Vargina rhymes with. It’s probably someone’s name. But then again who the hell names his or her child Vargina man?


Whatever it is, come October 2008, there came an important event in my life

Nope I didn’t close this blog.

I was transferred back to KL.

Suddenly the world seemed like so much less of a kanasai place.

Well ……. for the first few weeks at least.

That’s until I came across KL kanasainess on a whole new level …..

Like the dude who named his restaurant after a disease over in Damansara…… 


Ahhhh …….. 2008’s been a good year.

2009’s gonna be even more awesome.

Here’s to a kanasai filled year ………



Kanasai Korean Menu

Good ol Kanasai KL, Plain Crazy Thingson December 11th, 2008No Comments

I’m not really into Korean food.

In fact the other day when I had dinner with a bunch of friends at some Korean place, it was my very first time. 

Pardon me if I sound really ignorant …… But the minute I saw the menu I burst out laughing …..



I mean …… take a look at this one ….. I don’t know bout you but when I say this out aloud, I get the uncomfortable feeling I’m swearing …. 




Good ol Kanasai KL, Plain Crazy Thingson November 4th, 20082 Comments

See …..

I told you KL was no less kanasai than KT.

Why only into my 2nd day of work and I come across something like this …..


These drugs are so ‘loose’ it’d put some whores to shame ….


Mama Rocks~!

A Lot Of Nonsense, It Can Only Be KT, My Favourites, Plain Crazy Thingson August 29th, 20082 Comments

In the style of my favourite food blogger friend, J2kfm, let me present to you our favourite eating place over here in KT.

When I say favourite, I mean we only favour it during times where we wake up after an evening nap to find the clock showing 9.30pm and we’re too lazy to drive out to Chinatown.

This is Mama Tomyam


So let’s start with this. Kopi panas sedap.

Notice the wonderful presentation of the entire thing.


Presented to you in 2 layers so that you can either sip the top part and cringe at the sheer bitterness of black coffee, or scoop up the bottom bit for that sugar rush you might need later for the happening nightlife in KT which includes clubbing, discos, strip dancing and free flow alcohol. 

Either that or the person who prepares it is just too darn lazy to stir the damn thing. 

Looking at it, one is tempted to think of eating layer cakes.

Ahhh. Sedapnyer.

In fact it’s so sedap that once you’ve downed it………


You’ll be ordering this on subsequent visits for fear of getting diabetes.

Then this usually comes next.

Delicious eggs. The one on top is called Telur Mata Kerbau. The other one is Telur Dadar.


Though they both taste different, they both have one thing in common.

Once the cookie’s done with the dish, he scoops extra oil onto the dish, giving it that wonderfully lustrous shiny texture …. and also giving you that extra bit of cholestrol you might just need for your next heart attack. 


And here’s the main course. Fried rice with black thingies. From afar, you might be tempted to think it’s some exotic animal being served. Like deer meat.


Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

And since it’s burnt to a crisp, it wouldn’t really matter anyway cause it might taste like burnt chicken for a while, then with the next bite , it might taste like burnt beef.

Delicious satisfaction for the whole family.

And the highlight of the whole meal? 


Is that once you’re done. You get to wipe your mouth with Virgin pulp.

I imagine people who work for this company have to be virgins to be employed.

So for those of you who balk at the thought of non-virgins in the factory making your tissue paper, fear not …… these virgins are giving you their pulp so that you can have clean, unpolluted material to wipe your mouths with.

So come on over to Mama Tomyam. Guaranteed to tingle the senses …..

….. and to make you realize that the drive down to Chinatown at 9.30pm was probably worth it after all.

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