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The Tale Of How You Screwed Us

It Can Only Be KT, Pharmacy Related, Somewhat Serious Issueson September 7th, 20088 Comments

You …

I’m talking to no one else but you …

Yes you …. 

  • We excel in whatever we do in spite of everything you’ve denied us.
  • Yet you give us no recognition of any sort
  • You deny us places which are rightfully ours in favour of skin colour
  • You force us to dig into our own pockets to finance our own education
  • You indirectly export potential contributors to the system in a time where others are importing them

Having done that you expect us to be loyal to you and to serve you

  • You happily screw us right left and center by making it such that if we don’t serve you, the education which we financed ourselves will amount to nothing
  • You then randomly send us to absurd places. Places which I believe if your own children were sent, would have your knickers in a knot.
  • You do things to people without the slightest thought of how negative the impact might be  
  • You let us down time and time again by your constant display of poor judgement and inequality.

And yet you still expect us to be loyal to you and to serve you

  • You make it such that we have to beg you for anything
  • You make it such that we have to stoop to levels we’d be ashamed to stoop to, for only the lowest levels of action on our parts would warrant any reponse on yours.
  • You strip us of our dignity by still denying us what we humbly request
  • And at the very same time you give freely to others what we’d tried so hard to request from you.
  • Just because we were painted a different colour at birth 

And yet you still expect us to be loyal to you and to serve you

  • You constantly shower us with propaganda that in an ironic way, decreases our level of tolerance and further fuels our dissatisfaction
  • Your constant display of the most ridiculous things we watch on the news everyday leaves us wondering how our children’s future will be like
  • In the disturbing reality where even the laziest person gets an award, you give us absolutely no incentive in serving you. Yet you want us to strive to be the best. 
  • Once again we excel in whatever we do in spite of all the shit you’ve put us through.
  • And yet you give us no recognition.

And yet you still expect us to be loyal to you and to serve you

You ……

  • You’re keeping us in a place with no opportunities
  • You’re surpressing all our ambitions
  • You’re killing all our dreams
  • You’re bringing to the gradual crumbling of our close relationships
  • You’re denying us the chance of pursuing our interests and goals in life
  • You’re denying us the simple pleasure of waking up everyday to family and loved ones around us
  • You’re denying us the chance of caring for our aging parents in an irony that sees us giving pharmaceutical care to total strangers 500km away from home

Most of all ….

  • You’re robbing us of our youth

You …

Rest assured that when the time comes we will pick ourselves up and piece bits of our lives back together.

When the time comes we will leave you hard and cold and tell tales of how you screwed up our lives, along with those who were unfortunate enough to cross paths with you.

And rest assured that when that time comes, after the way you screwed our lives, we will do whatever we have in our might to return the favour.

Mama Rocks~!

A Lot Of Nonsense, It Can Only Be KT, My Favourites, Plain Crazy Thingson August 29th, 20082 Comments

In the style of my favourite food blogger friend, J2kfm, let me present to you our favourite eating place over here in KT.

When I say favourite, I mean we only favour it during times where we wake up after an evening nap to find the clock showing 9.30pm and we’re too lazy to drive out to Chinatown.

This is Mama Tomyam


So let’s start with this. Kopi panas sedap.

Notice the wonderful presentation of the entire thing.


Presented to you in 2 layers so that you can either sip the top part and cringe at the sheer bitterness of black coffee, or scoop up the bottom bit for that sugar rush you might need later for the happening nightlife in KT which includes clubbing, discos, strip dancing and free flow alcohol. 

Either that or the person who prepares it is just too darn lazy to stir the damn thing. 

Looking at it, one is tempted to think of eating layer cakes.

Ahhh. Sedapnyer.

In fact it’s so sedap that once you’ve downed it………


You’ll be ordering this on subsequent visits for fear of getting diabetes.

Then this usually comes next.

Delicious eggs. The one on top is called Telur Mata Kerbau. The other one is Telur Dadar.


Though they both taste different, they both have one thing in common.

Once the cookie’s done with the dish, he scoops extra oil onto the dish, giving it that wonderfully lustrous shiny texture …. and also giving you that extra bit of cholestrol you might just need for your next heart attack. 


And here’s the main course. Fried rice with black thingies. From afar, you might be tempted to think it’s some exotic animal being served. Like deer meat.


Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

And since it’s burnt to a crisp, it wouldn’t really matter anyway cause it might taste like burnt chicken for a while, then with the next bite , it might taste like burnt beef.

Delicious satisfaction for the whole family.

And the highlight of the whole meal? 


Is that once you’re done. You get to wipe your mouth with Virgin pulp.

I imagine people who work for this company have to be virgins to be employed.

So for those of you who balk at the thought of non-virgins in the factory making your tissue paper, fear not …… these virgins are giving you their pulp so that you can have clean, unpolluted material to wipe your mouths with.

So come on over to Mama Tomyam. Guaranteed to tingle the senses …..

….. and to make you realize that the drive down to Chinatown at 9.30pm was probably worth it after all.

You Trying To Be Funny ar?

It Can Only Be KT, Very the Kanasaion August 25th, 20086 Comments

So I was heading back from work the other day. I locked my car and made my way to my apartment entrance.

Then suddenly these few young girls came bounding up to me and handed me this flyer. 


What the ..?

“Encik, kalau free datanglah ke kedai kami beli tudung yer.”


Eh budak.



Do I look like a person who wears tudungs ar?

And somehow I think I’m being sensitive but it might seem as though they were actually lying in wait for me.



I look like a woman is it?


Think the kids were just trying to be funny.

Well … hardee har har.

And I remember another kanasai incident the other day.

Was at one of the counters over at the Maxis service centre waiting to pay my bill.

 The other woman at the counter was filling out the form for this lady who apparently was applying for a new line.

She was asking for the usual, name …. IC…. address…. etc

Then she paused at one of the questions and asked ….

Sudah kahwin ke belum?”

See, I didn’t feel like whipping out my phone and taking paparazzi shots.

But the woman looked something like this …. 


Does this woman look like she’s still single to you ah?


Big Encounter At A Small Restaurant

It Can Only Be KT, Somewhat Serious Issueson August 10th, 20088 Comments

So I was sitting at one of the eating places this morning with my driver after a case at the KT Magistrate Court.

Minding my own business as always.

Suddenly this dude in a rather expensive looking shirt came into the restaurant.

And started shaking everyone’s hands.

See the funny thing was that he was shaking hands like he knew everyone. But he wasn’t smiling. In fact he looked downright serious.

A bit kanasai as well.

The next thing I knew, he was at my table offering his hand. Like he knew me.

Of course with his arm extended in greeting, I had no choice but to shake his handlor.

So I shook his hand. And gave him a toothy smile. And said at the back of my mind ..

“Who the hell is this dude?”

Ever had someone you totally don’t know come up to you and shake your hand? With a really solemn face to boot.

So I thought …… celebrity? Nahh … he looked more like a government servant.

Celebrities look like this …. 


Government servants look like this …… 


They usually wear batik and look very happy.

But this dude shaking my hand didn’t look very happy wor. And not wearing batik what. Can’t be government servant kuar.

Unless he was posted to a state that he didn’t want. Much like someone you know.

So the dude with the solemn face sat down at the other table.

That’s when I took a peek outside and noticed brand new shiny black Mercs gleaming under the sunlight.

Then it dawned on me …

Terengganu + kanasai state government + equally kanasai prime minister = 14 new black Mercs paid for using tax payers’ money recently.

Must be minister lor.

That’s when my driver remembered, it was the Menteri Pembangunan Usahawan dan Koperasi, Datuk Noh Omar.

Holy crap. I didn’t even know there was such a Menteri in our country.

So I thought I’d take a picture of the dude.

Of course I couldn’t just walk up to him and take a picture paparazzi style.

Using my camera phone and pretending I was SMSing someone, I quietly snapped a shot of him from the side.

But then hor, on the way back to the office, I was showing my driver the picture I took. And he said …..



I took the picture of the wrong person wor.

And removed any doubt in my mind that I really am very dumb.

The dude who was shaking everyone’s hand was apparently his personal assistant or something.


No wonderlah he looked so unhappy. If I had to shake hands with strangers everyday I’d be pretty darn pissed as well.

So this is the picture I took.


Then I came back and googled Datuk Noh Omar and he looks like this. 


Kanasai ……

I really need to take more interest in our country’s Cabinet memberslah.

You speaking the what language?

It Can Only Be KT, Very the Kanasaion August 5th, 200813 Comments

Yet another reason why I need to go for Terengganu BM classes ……




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