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Very Tight Meal

Disputable Language, Good ol Kanasai KLon February 21st, 2013No Comments

Only in Leo’s Cafe ….


Will you be able to grill a chicken tight with mushroom sauce …




Advertising These Days

Disputable Language, Good ol Kanasai KL, Very the Kanasaion December 21st, 20121 Comment

You know ….

When you run out of ideas for marketing and advertising gimmicks ….

Why not just put the word SHIT on your advertisement?


Holy Fish

Disputable Language, Good ol Kanasai KLon November 23rd, 20121 Comment

Saw this menu in a nearby restaurant the other day …

Geezz ….. sounds like a really holy fish to me.


Shut Up And Give Me Back My Money

Disputable Language, Very the Kanasaion June 7th, 2012No Comments

Have you ever randomly picked up an item while you were at a shopping mall….

And felt kanasai-ed when reading the product information?

Well not as kanasai as you’ll feel when you read this …



Shop Name Fail

Disputable Language, Plain Crazy Things, Very the Kanasaion April 3rd, 2012No Comments

Am I the only one who thinks that this shop’s name …..

Sounds absolutely wrong?


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