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Just Beware

Disputable Language, Good ol Kanasai KLon November 4th, 2011No Comments

Here’s a fairly common sign you’ll see when you’re at a friend’s house …

Here’s a fairly UNcommon sign you’ll see at a public toilet ….


Melon Preggers

Disputable Language, Somewhere Elseon September 16th, 2011No Comments

Take a look here …

Nice looking melons no?

So what type of melons are these you may ask…

A quick look at the sign next to the melons showed this ….

But then a glance at the sign overhead had me totally kanasai-ed  …..

Now I wonder how they got them darn melons to get pregnant.


Early Br-what?

Disputable Language, Very the Kanasaion August 31st, 20112 Comments

So what do we have here?

Another one of those posters of condos for sale?

Basically it’s a new condominium in Puchong that’s up for sale.

Ahh …. but things get interesting if you take a closer look at the fine print ….

You’ll find that you’re entitled to 10% discount ….

But only if you’re an EARLY BRID ~!

Holy kanasainess.

Can you imagine what’d happen if there was a typo like this …..

Now those birds … or should I say brids … would really have a reason to be angry.


Please Revivise Your Languguage

Disputable Language, Good ol Kanasai KLon August 20th, 2011No Comments

So I’d just finished having dinner the other night.

I was driving around aimlessly wondering why KL people just don’t do kanasai things anymore.

I mean, if there were more kanasai things happening, I’d have more to blog about.

And the world would be a better place no?

Anyway, just as I was chugging along merrily, I saw it.

At first glance you’d think it was just some ordinary sign.

But take a closer look and you’ll be kanasai-ed.

Yup, they’re OPENINING now~!

Woohoo. Total kanasainess. Something new for me to blog about. There’s still hope for KL people yet.

I really need to get a life.


Sharing is Caring

Disputable Language, Very the Kanasaion May 29th, 2011No Comments

I’m a firm believer of the term ‘sharing is caring’

After all, if you’re just a wee bit better off than other less fortunate people, why not share?

But of course there’re some things that’re better off left not shared you know …

Like when you’re a poor old lady going for a mammogram …

… and they hand you this form to fill up ….

….And they ask you to share your armpits ….

How to share armpits wor???

That’s too much lah right?


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