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Peanut what?

Disputable Language, It Can Only Be KT, My Favourites, Very the Kanasaion December 18th, 2007No Comments

Just remembered this little incident that happened not too long ago …

Was with my housemates chilling at a stall here in KT (the most happening stall cause it’s the only one that opens until 1am =P)

So my housemate ordered like …. french toast. He then asked the dude….

‘Could i have peanut butter with that?’

.. The dude gave us such a blank stare, you’d think we just spoke Japanese or something…

Kanasai man.

So he tried again … ‘Boleh tak bagi peanut butter?’

It took the dude a whole minute before he spoke again ….

…’Takdelar, tapi kita ada …. aper tu …… mentega….. mentega kacang’ …..

Kanasai ..

Who’s Renting What?

Disputable Language, It Can Only Be KT, Very the Kanasaion November 24th, 2007No Comments

This sign in Chinatown caught my eye while me and the dudes were strolling by……


I think they were opening stalls soon for something rented. Rented people perhaps?Or maybe they were painting the sign and by the time it got to ‘rent’, the stalls had already been rented so they just added the -ed

Or maybe they were promoting the stalls instead ….. they had stalls so the stalls were being opened for the rented premise …

Hmm…. Perhaps stalls was used as a verb …. so the shop stalls for rented people? They’ll be opening a place that stalls for the rented ….

My God I’m feeling really light headed now …..

Kanasai betul~!

What the bloody hell is that?

Disputable Language, It Can Only Be KT, My Favourites, Very the Kanasaion November 4th, 20071 Comment

Eh, come take a look at this………


Zoom in a little closer ….


What’s that you’re asking me ? Oh right I heard you ….


Holy mother of kanasai …..

I’ll let you guys know in my next posting ….. *chuckle*

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