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Somewhat Serious Issues, Thoughts to Ponderon October 13th, 20096 Comments

Have you ever thought of getting your own  dot com? Along with your own server space? As well as reseller hosting rights and other equally cool stuff?

Am I talking English?

Well I am actually.

To put it simply, say you run a blog over at blogspot. And you find that just doesn’t cut it for you. It doesn’t sound cool enough.

And you want people to know your blog as

Well think no further…..

(Shameless self promo alert)


…. and head on over to

You’ll find that we offer hosting plans from as low as RM20 per year. Once you sign up, (on top of giving us business), you’ll get your own server space, your own domain and also cool email addresses that you can set for yourself.

So if you register your domain as, you can set your own cool email addresses like or don’

Do note that we only offer you .com coolness. We can’t help it if your domain selection doesn’t sound cool to start with. So if you’re thinking of getting, do think again.

Okay, on a more serious note,

We over at strive to provide you with an  affordable and cheap way of hosting your website. Hosting could be anything, ranging from starting your own blog, to setting up your own online business.

For as low as RM20 per year, with a bit of extra charge for domain registration, you could be having your very own website with your very own dot com. Or dot net, or dot org depending on availability.

Already having your own website at a different web host that’s charging you a bomb? No problem, we also offer transfer services. Meaning to say we’ll transfer your entire website from your previous server to our server, all at absolutely no charge.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out now~!


Inconsiderate …..

Thoughts to Ponder, Very the Kanasaion September 16th, 20095 Comments

You know what’s plain shitty and disgusting ?

What’s plain shitty and disgusting is when you’re in a place like Mid Valley looking for a place to park.

 And you come across idiots parking their cars like this … 




Then I figured hey, the moron probably has an inferiority complex. That’s why he owns a fancy car and takes up 2 parking spaces.

Then I took a turn around the corner and holy mother of kanasai …

I saw this …


I was speechless man.

It’s true…….

Selfishness and inconsideration does not discriminate among different car drivers.

To the two idiots who own these cars (yes I didn’t even bother blacking out yor number plates, click on pictures to enlarge) ……

….The next time you’re looking for a parking space and see someone doing this to you ….

…. You know it’s karma hitting back at you right in the face.


What Are The Chances?

Somewhat Serious Issues, Thoughts to Ponderon May 20th, 20093 Comments

Anyone of you ever had one of those times where things were so uncanny, it creeped you out?

Actually been meaning to blog about this for a long time now. Never really thought much of it until it hit me in full force for the whole of last week.

And because it’s been happening really often, I’ve taken pictures of this every time I had the chance …

For days I started seeing the figure 1111 in my everyday life ….

The other day I was looking at my Astro decoder and I saw this….



Then later in the afternoon I took a look at my table clock and saw this ….. 


Here’s the thing ….. and I kid you not. I was driving home and came to a halt at a traffic light. And it was at that exact moment that I decided to take a look at my trip meter .. and I saw this … 


And really now … later that night when I was driving down town I took a look at my dashboard and immediately pulled over to snap this picture …. 


I don’t know about you but even as I write this I can feel a chill running down my spine.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Countless times I’ve encountered this 1111 in other scenarios …. it’s just that I wasn’t quick enough with my HTC ….

Like the other day where I saw a car with the number plate 1111 …… and later that day I had a meal over at some restaurant and when the bill came …. yup … you guessed it … RM11.11.

Today I got an an invoice for some medications and when I took a look at the price that my hospital owed the company ….. I saw RM111.1. I really should’ve taken a picture of that. But I couldn’t for fear that the sales rep might think I was forging his invoice or something ….

I mean … what are the chances man?

And maybe you can call me neurotic …. but earlier tonight I was out with my buddy in his car.

I took a look at the time ….. 


Okie …. so it was 9.45pm ……

But then ……. for some reason or other my eyes swept over to the radio …. 


…….. It could’ve been any radio station playing at any time at all ….

But why did I decide to look at both at the same time?

Was somebody telling me something?

Any of you ever had chilling experiences like these ?

…. Think I’d better stop now or I won’t be able to sleep tonight …..


Kanasai Bonsai Kitten

Somewhat Serious Issues, Thoughts to Ponderon October 6th, 20082 Comments

When I was a college kid back then, I stumbled upon this Bonsai Kitten website.

I was beside myself in rage.



I mean ……. how could anyone possibly be this cruel to animals?

Stuffing poor kittens into jars and growing them into funny funny shapes?

The people over at would have nothing to write silly captions to.

What’d be so funny about a triangular shaped kitteh?

Or a kitteh that looks like a tennis ball?

I was also probably really stupid to actually believe that this website was real.

I know cats are really kanasai lah, but then again, stuffing them into jars and moulding them into custom shapes would make no difference what …

You’d probably have like a nice star shaped cat ….

… but the cat would still be kanasai as ever.

Being the cat lover I was (and still am, though this might change seeing as how kanasai my cats are becoming), sheer anger and horror prompted me to leave a nasty comment in their guestbook over here

They never approved it.

I really should’ve known better. If you read the comments properly, you’ll notice that all their sentences are constructed in perfect English.

And that the comments, along with the replies are downright hilarious.

In fact I feel that the people running the website should be commended for their humour and ingenuity. 

I mean, there’re actually comments like this : 

From: Puss <> Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000

Extremely funny!! I did the same thing to my cat except I used a full size house! What a dummy I was!

Dear Puss,

Surely you jest, where could you possibly have obtained such a large kitten? Thank you for your letter anyway.

Here’s another one :

From <> Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000

I would like to know more about the cramming? I have grand ideas of stuffing kittens into old medicine bottles and suchlike. Could one cram kitten and boat into one bottle? What a mystery! Yes. Perhaps I hook up remote-control device & wheels to bottle and kitten gets tour of house under my control… So many ideas flood my mind and make me sick with happiness!

Dear Anon,

That is a very interesting suggestion, that merits further study. You could probably apply for a government science grant! This sounds like an ideal way for your Bonsai Kitten to be able to explore dangerous environments in which you would never allow a normal kitty, such as the inside of the neighbour’s dog kennel, or on a football field during the big game. If you send us the bottle, we can custom drill axle bearing holes and chassis attachment points with our precision equipment, to ensure proper alignment. You wouldn’t want a wobbly kitty! Please e-mail us to work out further details.

So if you’re free do visit the link above. Got me in stitches.


New Honda City

Misc, Thoughts to Ponderon September 16th, 20086 Comments

OooOo OooOO OOoooo


Only 4 words…..




New Honda City 2009

Wait that’s 3 words and 4 numbers.

Oh whatever …….

If it weren’t for the fact that my office is 1km away from my apartment and that my car is seriously underused here….

…I’d be saying goodbye to my Kelisa already …


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