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Melon Preggers

Disputable Language, Somewhere Elseon September 16th, 2011No Comments

Take a look here …

Nice looking melons no?

So what type of melons are these you may ask…

A quick look at the sign next to the melons showed this ….

But then a glance at the sign overhead had me totally kanasai-ed  …..

Now I wonder how they got them darn melons to get pregnant.


Smelly Shop

Somewhere Else, Very the Kanasaion September 26th, 2009No Comments

My other half took a picture of this the other day …..

At first glance you’d think it was just another car repair shop ……..


But if you look closer ……… 


You’ll start to realize that sometimes, it’s not very wise naming your business after your own name …


P/S : For the uninitiated, ‘sze hang’ in Cantonese means toilet bowl and ‘loong’ means hole …. so go figure ….

Game with an Identity Crisis

A Lot Of Nonsense, Somewhere Else, Very the Kanasaion August 13th, 20091 Comment

You know when you’re hunched over the table, peering dawn that cue ….

Aiming to put that red ball into the corner pocket …. 



Well … I don’t know about you but I call this sport snooker.

Apparently toy companies are calling it by a different name nowadays …… 



Malaysia Boleh …. kot

It Can Only Be KT, Somewhere Elseon June 4th, 20092 Comments

You know what’s worse than an obscenely expensively built stadium that’s now a white elephant? 


….an obscenely expensively built stadium that’s now a white elephant and that’s now destroyed. 


I’m speechless.

Malaysia Boleh weiiii …..~!!

Malaysia boleh membina stadium yang runtuh selepas satu tahun. Let’s see any other country top that.


Drink what?

Misc, Somewhere Elseon September 22nd, 20088 Comments

You know …..

The next time you ask your friends what they want to drink and they say ….anythinglar …..


Go buy them this.

Or if they say ….. whateverlar……


Then go buy them this ……



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