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An Extremely Un-Kanasai Kursus

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In life ….. there are things that make you go …… that is so KANASAI man

Then there are the other things that leave you feeling like it’s totally the OPPOSITE of Kanasai.

But if you were to say that out loud, it sounds pretty retarded.

Cause if others are saying things like ….. hey that’s cool…. that’s pretty hip mate….

And if I were to go …… hey ….


I don’t think I’d make many friends that way.

And those who do hang out with me will probably find new friends and wonder why they hung out with me in the first place.

So I guess I’ll make do with the term Un-Kanasai.

Which is the precise word to describe the kursus that I just came back from in Johor Bharu. It was heaven I tell you …..

The hotel was absolutely gorgeous …..



 Not to mention the rooms ….



And the food …… it was definitely no home cooked pot luck  


Pardon me if that’s the only thing I managed to take a picture of.

I don’t know why but whenever meals are in front of me, my brains cease to function properly. In this case, remembering to take pictures becomes a problem.

But then again … my brains don’t usually function properly under normal circumstances anyway …

Whatever it is, suffice to say the food spread was unbelievably satisfying. Think oysters, a whole bunch of cakes, great dessert and more …


It was so good that I didn’t really want to leave.

Whereas the Biro Tata Kanasai had me counting the days till the end, this me cherishing each and every day.

Huh? What’s that you’re asking? How was the kursus itself?

….. What kursus?

Oh right ….. the kursus. The kursus was well ….. great. WohooOO. Yay


Now where was I?

Right ….. now if there was only one thing kanasai about this kursus, it was a problem with my hotel card that kept occuring. 


You see… what happened was that my hotel card kept deactivating every few hours. Meaning to say I was locked out of my own room.

When I went down to the lobby receptionist, the lady claimed I wasn’t supposed to put it anywhere near my handphone.


So I put it in my wallet.

And whaddayaknow? Kanasai …. it deactivated again.

The receptionist lady then told me not to put it anywhere near credit cards as the chip might interfere with the hotel card.


So I put it in my shirt pocket.

Bloody kanasai. Deactivated again wor.

Now this was totally kanasai. The kanasai lady then told me this …..

..” Actually sir, you can’t put the hotel card near your handphone or wallet. You can’t even put it in any of your pockets”


I suppose it’s normal practise in Zon Regency Hotel for its patrons to hang their hotel cards from their ears …. or even better, to shove it up their a***es. It’s more convenient I suppose .


P/S : To those I hung out with over in JB, it’s been great. Here’s to many more similar kursuses~!

Biro Tata Kanasai lar~!

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I can’t believe I actually survived 5 days in Khemah Biro Tata Kanasai.

See here …. the government propaganda and all that crap I can take.

But the physical activities? In a span of 5 days I actually :

  1. Ran 2 kilometres in 15 minutes
  2. Walked 2 kilometres to Bukit Keluang, climbed it for another 2 kilometres, then walked 2 kilometres back to camp
  3. Did physical tests such as hold my breath for 60 seconds
  4. Abseiled from a 4 storey tower
  5. Donated great amounts of my blood to the Biro Tata Negara Mosquito Support Group

Here’s a picture of my arm on the first morning that I woke up : 


Kanasai lor. I swore I felt anemic later that day


Hell started when we pulled up the driveway of the BTN Camp in Besut on Wednesday afternoon

Should’ve known that something was not right when I saw the facilitators there and they were all in army pants.

And there was jungle all around ….


And they didn’t speak normally like you and me do.

They talk the way an army captain talks to his underlings, really loudly and noisily and kanasai-ly.

Yup apparently the whole group of them used to be in the elite force or something.

So I guess now that they’re retired, this is as close as it gets to a cushy government job ….. yelling at other government servants for no reason in a hot and stuffy camp.

I checked into dormitory A. Here’s dormitory A 




And this is my mini wardrobe over there.

I chose the bed at the corner of the room and when I was about to put the bedsheets on the bed I saw this …. 


Kanasai. Graffiti. And you know how I feel about graffiti. Not only that, graffiti was even on the walls 


I guess it’s a fair trade …. come to this camp and get all fired up in patriotism, then trade in your civic consciousness and whatever good values you have….

Prayers for the Muslims meant that I had a whole 2 hours of free time every evening and an hour in the morning.

See, other than me, there was just one more non Muslim…. an Indian dude.

So during those times, we had the bathroom all to ourselves. It was like having a personal bathroom actually. Only that they were more kanasai than your average bathroom 


See here, in Camp Biro Tata Kanasai, they probably never heard of such a thing called showers.


What they had was this big thingie that holds a whole lot of water. 


Then they provide you with scoops for you to well …. scoop water and bathe.

Darn …… it’s always been my dream to bathe out in public with a whole bunch of strangers wearing nothing but my underwear and my last thread of dignity.

Needless to say the bathing experience was far from comfortable….

Even though it was just me and the Indian dude….

When we weren’t being yelled at or being forced to do physical activities to break our backs, we had ceramahs. And discussion groups.


This was where all the political propaganda took place. We were made to sing songs and listen to talks on how great our country is.

Yada yada yada…..

Probably shouldn’t talk too much about this lest saya dipanggil anak derhaka…


Every morning and evening we were made to assemble out on the tarmac and berkhalwat …. oops I mean berkawad.

….In true military style so that meant we had to do the baris, baris sedia and dari kiri cepat jalan jazz…..

Under the hot boiling sun whose rays mother earth is so lucky to be blessed with.

In fact we were made to stand under the hot sun for almost everything …

  1. When we were being yelled at
  2. When we were not being yelled at
  3. Before breakfast
  4. Before tea
  5. Before going in for the exam on the last day
  6. Before running 2km
  7. Before going mountain climbing


I guess the consolation was that we were happily fed 6 meals a day.

So basically we had a meal in between every darn thing.

Meals in between the ceramahs and discussions. Minum in between meals. Minum in between the minums which were in between meals ….


 There’s he dining hall. Strange that I never did manage to take a picture of the dining hall when I was in the dining hall. I guess food has that effect on my brain.

A great lesson in discipline was this …


 After each meal we all had to clean our own dishes and wipe them clean. I thought this was really good ….

 Until the last day when the facilitator read out some of the comments that we wrote in the comment form. Apparently some dude wrote this …

‘Tidak suka mencuci pinggan. Bagi peserta akan datang, tolonglah upah pencuci pinggan’.

…. that really gets me all cracked up even when I think of it now.

And speaking of last days,  it couldn’t have come sooner.

Was really glad to be done with the whole thing.

When I left the place there was a strange feeling of elation in me. Couldn’t believe I’d be going back to civilisation. Suddenly KT seemed like such a developed place to me.

It was then that I made up my mind never to make fun of KT again …

…. well, for the next 3 days at least …..



Inverted Coma on Just Jivin TV2

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Was just talking about Good News and Bad News the other day ….

Well … the bad news is no longer bad news~! We managed to get a hold of the video of Inverted Coma on Just Jivin, TV2~!

But then again most of you would find an interview with 5 ugly looking guys who play really horribly noisy music bad news as well.

Nevertheless, there was a TV2 dude (Vinnie Voo) who came into the studio that day and asked us awkward questions and took shots of us from our worst angles.

He kept to his word.

He really did give the tape over to TV2. He didn’t sell the tape to Astro to be aired on ‘The 50 Worst Malaysian Bands Ever’

So here we have it, Inverted Coma featured on Just Jivin, TV2, 24th March 2008.

Inverted Coma featured on Just Jivin, TV2

For those of you who want to further punish yourselves by viewing the video again, the video will be in the My Videos section that can be found on one of the tabs at the top of the page.

Incidentally, there’re a few home recorded videos that I did recently and which I posted there too so do visit that page k? Pretty please? *blink*blink*

And of course, what’s the fun of having a blog when you can’t shamelessly promote things that you think are great, even when others think they’re not?

If you want to hear more tunes from Inverted Coma, you can visit us at our MySpace page at….


Good news and bad ….

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Here’s the good news …..

Inverted Coma was on TV2 last night~! WoohooOoo.

We knew there was something up when this big dude called Vinnie Voo came into the studio a few months back with a TV2 camera and took videos of us jamming.

We thought he was just some random fan who’d come to record his favourite band.


So fast forward to last night and WHAM …. there we were on TV2. For a half hour~! On some programme called Jivin It at 11.30pm – 12am.

Now here’s the bad news ….

Because it’s on TV and no one knows what the hell a VCR is anymore, I have absolutely no evidence of it being aired last night ….


Oh well, anyway thanks for the call naybora~!

Of Elections And More

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The election results were totally awesome this year don’t you think?

Who’d have guessed things would turn out the way they did. Almost all the big guns had their asses whooped.

And those who won had weird ass names … like Datuk Warno Dogol and Dr Lo’ Lo’ Mohd Ghazali.

Who the hell names their kid Lo’ Lo’ man? With the aprostrophe some more. That’s like killing your child’s social life at birth.

So we can safely say goodbye to Zam. Maybe he’ll finally go for English lessons after this and have good long erections


And oh poor Samy Vellu. Look at the poor guy… 


Erhmm… Nolar …. I take that back. Bye Samy~!

Really kanasai to note is that not only is he in denial, he’s gonna continue as MIC president.

But at least he’ll no longer be building bridges that collapse then saying that ‘God doesn’t build bridges, humans do’.

I personally think Koh Tsu Koon was the hero of the night. Seriously. He was calm, collected and most of all he was professional. At the end of the day, I was actually rooting for him….. But for a short while onlyler. 


And Theresa Kok? My lady~! Talk about making an impact. With style~! Woohoo.  


You go gal you go.

From the looks of things I really have this to say. The biggest loser of the night was probably none other than our very own prime minister.

I mean come on lar Pak Lah.

First you say you won’t call for erection in a long time, then in the same day, you dissolve the parliament.

People ask you don’t call erection so early, let Anwar be eligible, then he’ll only be in charge of one place. Now what happened? He was free to run around everywhere and rile everyone up.

People want to have peaceful demonstration, you stop and arrest them. Your son in law does the craziest shit to that effect and he goes scot free.

Then some more …..

Okay man I’d better like … shut up.

In any case, it’ll be refreshing to see what the newly formed opposition government has in store for us. Let’s hope they won’t let us down.

Oh yeah ….. the other reason for this blog posting was my trip down memory lane.

You see, elections mean much more to me than just casting that ballot. My polling station also happens to be my primary school. And this year I had the presence of mind to bring a camera along with me. 




Ahhh …. to be young again. I remember running down this very corridor as a standard 1 kid, slipping and falling flat into the drain. Then I cried my butocks off until my mum came.

Then there was the time where I used to tease the gal I fancied by pulling her hair and calling her names.

Wouldn’t it be fun to relive all those days again?

Well technically I could, but if I did that to the gal I fancied in the office, I’d probably get arrested and stoned to death or something. And if I were still alive, my gf would probably kill me off. 


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