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Dream Theater + Live + Up Close = Totally Insane~!

My Favourites, Plain Crazy Things, Somewhere Elseon January 22nd, 20086 Comments

Just got back from Singapore after catching Dream Theater live. And all I have to say is ….


From left : Jordan Rudess, John Myung, Mike Portnoy, James La Brie, John Petrucci

To have all that sheer musical brilliance under one roof at one particular time was nothing short of mind blowing …

The highlight of course was when Petrucci launched into one of his solo rips and brought the house down…. and he did it over and over again …. Holy kanasai…

Mr John Petrucci himself

While he was up there shredding the frets off the poor guitar, I thought I almost heard this in the background ….

Okay sorry …. that was pretty silly. Besides, you’d probably not get it unless you’re a DOTA fan.

But what’s probably more silly is this ….

When me and my buddy were at Harbour Front and walking towards the MRT, we came across these (yeeek) ghastly pink Hello Kitty custom painted (ughh) guitars.

Kanasai nyerr …

But that wasn’t as bad as when I started thinking of the concert and John Petrucci in all his glory …..

……only to have this horiffic image suddenly pop up in my mind ….

A very gay John Petrucci

Holy cripes…… No no no ……….

Please give me a moment ……. to recover from a picture that will undoubtedly traumatize me for years to come…. *choke*

…. Tell me that won’t make any guitarist want to burn his guitar and take up the flute ….

Anyway, we noticed many things about Singapore ….

Like the fact that the elevators in the their MRT stations seem like they lead you straight to your maker ….

Not only that but the elevators move much quicker than they do in Malaysia. So overall it feels like you’re going to meet your maker really quickly….

I was however amazed at the full reception I got down there in the MRT stations (which was probably like 3 levels underground)

See the full bars?

Heck, in Malaysia, the only time you ever get full reception is when you’re not making a call …..

See this sign? Apparently durians aren’t particularly favoured in Singapore. Got me pretty tickled actually …. but not as tickled as when I saw this ….

Holy cow. They either wanted a really really happy name for their flower shop, or the dude’s name is Gay Wah. If it is, he probably got teased a lot when he was in like … primary and secondary school.

And I thought Chow Hee (my Chinese name) was a bad name ……..

This one’s even better. Took a stroll along the Esplanade. There were a few art pieces tacked up along the walkway that looked like these ….

*blink*blink* …… Then in one of the shops they were selling things like this ….

WTF man ….. ? What’s with the arse fetish lar ? Bloody crazy Singaporea….. oops…. I mean …. Bloody kanasai~!

Posh cars are abundant over there. I think I saw more nice and posh cars in 1 day over there than I do in 1 week in KL, and in 1 month in KT. Walking towards some food stalls for dinner, there was a Lamborghini parked along the road….. like it was a normal, everyday thing to hop into a Lamborghini and drive out for dinner at the stalls …. Mann…

Speaking of parking, also worth noting are the strange parking habits of Singaporeans…..

They park funny

Parking with an attitude

See, apparently their curbs are built really low so that when you park, all you have to do is just back in, close your eyes and edge in until you feel a bump, and watta …… you’re parked.

But of course if you do that all the time you’re bound to end up in trouble some time or other …..

…… like this dude …… He was probably like …. “Close my eyes, back in, feel the bump, back in, feel the bump …. *BANG* …… Oh I hit a tree instead? That’ll do”

Kanasai …

Saw this on the road while we emerged from the MRT station. Shittiness. You mean when I walk, people get killed? So is it an offence for people called Jay to walk in this country?

Muahahahahaha ….. *snort*snort* ….

Huh? Okay …..I know I know ….. lame. I’m sorry again.Anyway, one thing that really hit us was when we were at the customs checkpoints…. And this was apparent during our trip back to Malaysia…..

The good ol customs people over at Singapore exercised the highest levels of caution and professionalism. They were serious, courteous, thorough in checking our luggage, and even more thorough in checking our faces. Heck, the customs officers were even carrying guns.

Then when we came over to Malaysia …..

We were greeted to this. Nobody checked our bags. Wait … there was somebody sitting there but she looked like her grandmother just dieded and she hadn’t gotten her pay for the past 5 months.

The people didn’t so much as look at our faces. The officers at the counter were chatting and joking with each other. And what were they chatting about? When they were going for lunch …..

Pemeriksaan my ass~! Might as well just call it :

LALUAN IMIGRESEN : Semua Dibenarkan Lalu Tanpa Halangan


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