And I’m Back

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I told you I’d be back. Granted it took a me a bit longer than I thought it would.

But the important thing is I’m back. And civilization had better fear.

For I imagine that if my blog were actually made known to people all around the world….. and if they got news that I was blogging again, they’d probably go like this ….

Both humans and animals alike would be flabbergasted …… for civilization would once again take a plunge.

Even Jean Luc Picard up on the Starship Enterprise would probably go like this …..

….. and zap planet earth off the face of the galaxy to spare himself the kanasainess.

The fact is, for the better (or worse) part of last year, I’d been grappling with a great loss in my life. 

And the emotional turmoil left my sense of humour questionable. For I started making jokes that even I myself couldn’t understand.

I’d crack a joke and start laughing myself and then when I thought back I’d go like … hmm … I don’t get it.  


But it’s been a whole year now and I can safely say that I’ve finally moved on. And that jokes are funny again. Even if they’re funny only to me. Hopefully to you as well.

So to all my loyal readers, I welcome you back to the land of the kanasai.

To a blog where common sense and intelligence aren’t really prerequisites when reading. To a place where you can just unwind and relate to the things that make you go …

…. Gee … that really is kanasai man.

For the more observant of you, you’ll note that I’ve totally revamped my website.

I’ll admit this …. the previous layout was done up with the main intention of distracting and confusing you.

This new look serves to make your reading experience less torturous and more straightforward, at the same time maintaining the kanasainess you’ve all grown accustomed to.

Do note also that I’ve removed various other things from my sidebar, the more apparent ones being the Kanasai Panda and Kanasai Cat.

 Kanasai Panda

adopt your own virtual pet!

Kanasai Cat

adopt your own virtual pet!

I’m happy to report that they’re still being taken good care of over here at I feed them once a month, bathe them every 6 months and keep them in an underground dungeon with no window. 

So don’t worry.

I’m back, people. Brace yourself for a whole load of kanasainess in 2011.


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