That Darned RM5 Shop

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Have you ever been to one of those fixed price Japanese shops?

You know … the ones where they charge 5 bucks for everything and make you believe you’re getting a good deal?

Well, I was in one of those shops with my buddy the other day.

We were just doing window shopping.

And you won’t believe what we came across while we were there.

That place had like the weirdest stuff ever.

For starters, for only 5 bucks …. you can get a …

Don’t Cat. I really don’t know what the heck that means or what this thing does.

But it can’t really be good for your cat can it?

And what about this ?

That poor ol rat.  Kinda makes you think twice about feeding that darned extermination medicine to those rats eh?

And oh …  of course. What Japanese RM5 shop would be complete without this ….

A Hero Mask~! WohooOo.

I mean, if you’re a superhero and your mask got all busted during your last caper, where else would you find a quick replacement right?

Oh ….. and I don’t know what people use as soap nowadays.

But I definitely don’t want to use …..

A stainless steel soap to wash my hands or my plates or whatever it is that needs washing …

Soft toys. Ahhh. 5 bucks for a soft toy. Wouldn’t that be worth it?

But tell me honestly …. would you really buy a soft toy that looks like this ….

WTF? Buy this cute cuddly monster for your little nephew now.

Guaranteed to induce mild retardation in young impressionable kids.

And of course, they had those sign thingies to hang in your car.

Only difference is this sign really boggles the mind…

Those Japanese people really need to take English lessons leh …


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4 Responses to “That Darned RM5 Shop”

  1. Schroddycat says:

    Bro, mind to tell where is this RM5 jap store located? Maybe they got some campaign of donating money to Japan for each item sold?

  2. Jay says:

    It’s in IOI Mall Puchong. You’re right …. might be worth checking that out ..

  3. Perry says:

    I went into the one in SS2,didn’t notice anything as crazy as these ones. but yea.. i’m thinking like, wtf are these crazy jepun kia’s thinking man 😀

  4. Jay says:

    Right on man…

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