Our Erotic Drug Formulary

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If you’re a pharmacist you probably know about our MOH drug formulary.

Or the book which we all refer to so fondly as ‘The Blue Book’

 I know that sounds wrong on so many levels.

For the uninitiated, our Blue Book contains the entire list of drugs and medications approved by our Ministry of Health.

But here’s the thing …. if you think Blue Book sounds wrong.

Wait till you hear what they all call it in Bahasa Malaysia.

So we have the word Formulari Ubat right?

And this Formulari belongs to our MOH right? Or Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia.

So the good ol people over at the ministry decided to just put those two together and come up with an acronym

Formulari Ubat KKM

It cracks me up every single time I get letters from them regarding our FUKKM.


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