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I know it’s unorthodox of me to post about anything other than kanasai stuff on this blog.

But I recently launched a kanasai Backlinks business that offers …. yup … backlink packages for up and coming online businesses who want to increase their page rank in Google.

Now, let me speak English.

Whenever you google a word, for example, ‘buy shoes online’, do you ever wonder why some websites turn up first in your search and others are buried after page 2?

Google rates webpages according to their relevancy with regard to your search words. And this relevancy is calculated in terms of how many links you have from other websites pointing back to your site. In other words ….. Backlinks.

So in simple terms, the more backlinks you have, the higher the relevancy of the search and the higher your page rank will be in Google.

There’s a term used to coin what I’m doing here and that’s called Search Engine Optimiation, or SEO for short. But that’s a whole different story …

Anyway, this is where I come in. You can buy backlinks from my website to boost your page rank in Google. Simple as that.

So for those interested, head on over to to choose from various Backlink Packages at affordable prices.

Totally Unkanasai~!

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