Totally Kanasai Puss In Boots

Misc, My Favouriteson November 9th, 20124 Comments

Me and the mrs got ourselves a cat the other day.

Adorable little bugger ain’t she?

But here’s the thing … ¬†as with all kanasai cats, she was well ….. totally kanasai.

First rule of the house ….. no coming in.

No such thing for her. Despite scoldings and whackings, she’d just saunter in whenever she pleased.

So me and the mrs thought we’d get her a cage and lock her up whenever she got too frisky.

But kanasailehh …..

…. how do we go about disciplining a kanasai cat …..

… that looks so much like this?

Sighhhh …. kinda melts your heart doesn’t it?





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4 Responses to “Totally Kanasai Puss In Boots”

  1. Missus T says:

    Kanasai cat, exactly..

  2. The Horny Bassist says:

    DUde! New cat ar.. veli the cute lei.. but… really… looks just like puss in boots!! What are you waiting for! Faster get ‘im some boots and a belt with a wee lil sword & hat!

  3. Jay says:

    Ahaha ….. Yes I might do just that …

  4. Yan Nee says:

    Is this cat the cutest thing or what!

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