Cap Goh Meh in KT

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It was cap goh meh yesterday.

Of course here in KT, the celebrations were in full swing.

By KT standards, I mean the streets were empty and everybody was at home sleeping.

Anyway, cap goh meh for the uninitiated not only marks the 15th and final day of the lunar year, it’s also the day where unmarried couples toss tangerines into the sea hoping that their future spouses will pick it up.

 Those of you who are uninitiated are still uninitiated aren’t you?

 What I basically mean is that it’s the last day of Chinese New Year Celebrations and the Chinese version of Valentine’s Day.

What unmarried girls do is they toss mandarin oranges into the sea with their phone numbers and hope that some dude will pick it up and, you know ….. do the normal thing …..

….. ask the girl to marry him, a total stranger ……

I think that’s a pretty dangerous thing to do nowadays….. For the guys I mean. What if it’s an auntie leh?

Besides, it’s the 21st century man. Girls no longer give their phone numbers anymore. They’ll be like ….

Here’s my e-mail address. Make sure you friendster me. I’ll facebook you. I’ll We’ll hook up on MSN and we’ll LOL all night long”

Anyway, somehow my colleagues knew about this Chinese Valentine’s Day thingy. One of them thought it’d be nice to give me 2 oranges. Then they joked that I could toss it from the balcony of my apartment and theyd catch them at night.  


That was all fine actually. But then one of them thought it’d be funny to give me a banana as well. 


Then, another one of them thought it’d be more funny to arrange them this way on my table ….. 


What the hell? You know happens when there’s a banana and 2 oranges arranged on your table that way and your boss comes along and sees it?

He gives you funny looks and thinks you’re a pervert.

My boss now gives me funny looks and thinks I’m a pervert.

Kanasai ……..

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4 Responses to “Cap Goh Meh in KT”

  1. darkstarr says:

    from an artistic point of view, rambutans bear more resemblance than oranges..hahaha

  2. jay says:

    Haha …… kanasai~!

  3. King says:

    Jay rambutan would be better than the oranges… Sure you boss gave you the weird look or he gave you the horny look???

  4. Jay says:

    Dude …. if he gave me horny looks I’d be in really serious trouble I tell you.

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