Gas? Okay!

It Can Only Be KT, Very the Kanasaion March 5th, 20084 Comments

This really kanasai thing happened to me in the morning and I’m still speechless …

Our stove over here in KT ran out of gas so I called up the gas company.

Gas dude….. : Hello.¬†

Me ……………. : Hello. Selamat pagi.¬†Boleh tak tolong hantar gas?

Gas dude….. : Hantar gas? Ohh …. bolehhh!


….. and the dude hung up~!

WTF man?

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4 Responses to “Gas? Okay!”

  1. essentric says:

    phwoar. KT gas man damn canggih. they can trace ur alamat when u call them!

  2. jay says:

    EloooOo Doreen, didn’t know you read my blog. Hehe. Thanks for dropping by. Eh if by some weird reason you’re in KT, gif me a call k.

  3. thehornybassist says:

    OooOoo.. is that doreen?? Didn’t realise! Woo Hoo!! I’ll get david to read in as well. .hahaha…

    Yar man.. GPS & Phone line tracking.. haha…

  4. Jay says:

    Yay. the horny bassist dropped by~! Woohooo

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