Kanasai Cats Part 2 – with kanasai dogs

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Remember the posting I had about my kanasai cats?

Well imagine the shock I had when I went back to my KL home that day and I saw puppies leaping around my house porch. I thought my parents ditched those cats because they got too kanasai.

But even if they did, I don’t blame them….




Cause the puppies were so darn cute.

But then my dad explained that they were my neighbour’s new puppies. Whenever they weren’t tied up they’d wonder into our porch and be cute and all so it’d be difficult to shoo them away.  

But then the next question is, so what happened to the kanasai cats?

Well, I found out what happened to one of the little rascals.

Remember me talking about the unusual places that my cats sleep in? Well, I found the little rascal.


See the fella’s rear end  up there?


Apparently now, other than sleeping, she had a good reason to be up there. She looked kinda terrified.

Well, if you’re a kanasi cat and there’re 2 puppies down there prancing around, you’d be terrified too.

So I was there trying to shoo the dogs away. And also trying my best to coax her to come down.

But being the kanasai cat she was ….. she did what she always did …. 



She fell asleep.

Guess she wasn’t so terrified after all.

Now that’s a really really kanasai cat…..~!

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4 Responses to “Kanasai Cats Part 2 – with kanasai dogs”

  1. thehornybassist says:

    Yeah!!! Puppies Rawk Man!! and not just doggie puppies… those WWE Puppies as well.. muahaha… those sick dirty old men….

    And screw that p()ssy…. (ermm… Jase.. am I being a little too 18-sx??)……

  2. Jay says:

    Well …. the word thehornybassist already pretty much says it all. So I guess it’s not too 18-sx. Got you loud and clear …. Haha =P

  3. malynder says:

    they are reallllly cute!!!

    I wanna take them into the house but i know mrs thean sure slaughter me and feed me to the cats la!


  4. Jay says:

    EloOO malynder. Yeap, she’ll skin you first, then feed you to the cats. Hehe.

    Anyway thanks for dropping by. See ya back in KL

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