Why Friendster Is Losing Out to Facebook

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I don’t know about you, but there are many things about friendster that I find rather annoying now.

No wonder it’s going to lose out to Facebook.

You see, in my opinion, Facebook has this whole range of applications that I think keeps people really occupied.

So everyone’s busy being a vampire, or a slayer……. or buying their friends and keeping pets. And when they’re not keeping pets, they’re buying their friends as pets.

Erhmm ….. quite kanasai alsolar come to think of it.  

On the other hand, over at Friendster, there’s nothing much to keep people’s attention so what do they do? They turn all their time onto themselves and come up with really really weird things.

Don’t believe me?

I didn’t want to like…. take screenshots of people’s friendster profiles….. so armed with a camera, me and my buddy Joe tried our best to re-enact some of the photos I came across …..

Now stop me if you haven’t surfed friendster one day and come across one of these groups of people …

The ‘Absolutely Creative Photo Captions’ Friendster ….

These friendsters have the uncannily amazing ability to come up with amazingly creative captions for their photos. Like :


That’s me 


That’s him 


That’s the toilet

 Some even go the extra mile as to add creative captions that are particularly obvious and that undermine your intelligence









The ‘Talk In The Third Person’ Friendster ….

These friendsters did not learn pronouns back in primary school or love themselves too much, resulting in the use of their own names in every freaking sentence in friendster and also in every photo they upload :-

About Jason

Jason is me. Just me. Jason is a carefree person. When Jason is free, Jason loves to dig his nose and run around the garden like a horse. Jason aslo likes purple colour. Want to know more about Jason? Then just ask Jason yourself. Or add Jason at ilovejason@hotmail.com


Jason. So cool!


Jason salutes future.


Jason eating yummy apple 


Jason being cute (and gay). Jason cute onod?


Jason being cute in the toilet


Jason being gay with Joe in the toilet

The ‘Colour your profile so that everyone on the planet can see it’ Friendster

This kind of friendster loves decorating their profile with so many colours and different fonts, it’s quite possible that even blind people can see it.

About Jason

I’m a fun loving guy. People say I’m quiet. But in actual fact I’m just shy. I love to colour my friendster profile and make it so happy and colourful. Sometimes I think I’m gay

It took me 30 minutes just to colour that and do up the different fonts in html. And by the time I was done, there weren’t many colour choices left. 

I imagine in friendster, you also have to alter each and every code for each word.

Kanasai lehh……

The ‘Phantom Adder’ Friendster

I’m pretty sure you’ve come across this kind of friendster before. This kind is the total opposite of the ‘talk in the third person’ category.

They’re so low profile that they go under really ambigous alter ego names like Tormented, Cicak Lembut, Lembu Gatal and Radeon

and put pictures of celebrities …. 


pictures of footballers…


pictures of frogs….


pictures of cows …… 


pictures of rocks… 


…in fact they put pictures of every kanasai thing in the world except themselves. 

They then proceed to put blank out the ‘schools’, ‘companies’ and any other things that might give you a clue as to who they are …..

And then they add you~! And assume you’re a psychic and know who they are…

The ‘Pelacur Kamera’ Friendster

This type of friendster have pictures of only their faces in their photo albums. And when there aren’t faces of them, there are photoshoped collages of their faces.

They live under the obvious insecurity that people might forget how they look like hence the photos.

These people usually do not have captions for their photos and we have to thank God for that if not they’ll probably be like this ….




Angry me 


Happy me


Me, me, me, me, me and me

Okay …. now having said all that, there is another thing that bugs me about friendster. And that’s when people use friendster messaging to spread chain emails.

Remember those dumb emails I was talking about awhile back?

I think this is by far worse.

I especially hate it when Bill Gates sends me chain letters man. You’re busy going about your daily life then all of a sudden Bill Gates wants to give you money~!

I bet you’ve all gotten friendster messages like this before …

Dear Friends,Please do not take this for a junk letter. Bill Gates is sharing his fortune. In an effort to make sure that Internet Explorer remains the most widely used program, Microsoft and AOL are running an e-mail beta test. yada-yada bla bla

When you forward this e-mail to friends, Microsoft can and will track it (i f you are a Microsoft Windows user) for a two week time period.

For every person that you forward this e-mail to, Microsoft will pay you $245.00, for every person that you sent it to that forwards it on, Bla bla bla bla …

Within two weeks, Microsoft will contact you for your address and then send you a cheque.

Makes perfect sense what. Bill Gates is a very free person what. He only needs to run a multi billion dollar company. So I’m sure he’s free to do this kind of thing.

Bill Gates also has a shitload of cash mah. So what should he do with it?

Why share it with total strangers who don’t even know how to differentate between an email and a friendster message of course~! 

And most of all I really hate it when chain letters play on your compassion.

But I guess I’ll cover all that in part 2……


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18 Responses to “Why Friendster Is Losing Out to Facebook”

  1. darkstarr says:

    You are right. Friendster maybe the pioneer, but looks like Facebook is gaining momentum now.

    Ahaha..you just love cam-whoring, don’t you??! peace out.

  2. Jay says:

    Ahahaha ….. prefer to call it pelacur kamera.

  3. Ade says:

    Awesome article dude.

  4. Charis says:

    haha. the new word for cute.. chiou

  5. utakGAGO says:

    HAHAHA this’s waaaaay amusing than i’ve thought, yet it’s true.

    lolz with the picssssss!

  6. essentric says:

    yeah man. i echo darkstar’s comment. this post is for you to camwhore innit!

  7. Jay says:

    => Ade : Thanks for dropping by mate. Checked out your site and I find it hilarious =)

    => utakGAGO : Glad you share my sentiment. Do check back for part 2 cause there’re still a whole lot of other things about friendster I find annoying. Hehe

  8. Jay says:

    => Charis : Naybora~! Bila mahu yumchar? Me back this weekend. Haha

  9. Jay says:

    => essentric : Eh Doreen … I where got camwhore? *blink*blink*whilenoddinghead*

  10. Jeff says:

    heheh reading this at 11:40 pm … BOOM! whattaway to start the day right. my exact dilemmas (dilemmae?) with Friendster. absolutely love the third-person Friendster characters. schizophrenia much these days eh?

  11. Roanne says:

    LOL. They’re so true. You and your friend are cute. Thanks for the laugh. :)

  12. thehornybassist says:

    Ahaha… I like the “Angry Me”.. it looks so very ‘real’… like after one of these friendster ppl have had a bad night out and is really pissed off-ed, whips out his/her camera phone and takes a really mean photo to send back to his/her bf/gf/friends/parents/pets/neighbours/bartender/dude/….

  13. Jay says:

    Jeff => Schizophrenia indeed. Do check back for part 2 yeah. =)

    Roanne => Thanks for dropping by~!

  14. Jay says:

    => bassist yang miang : My sentiments. Jamming this weekend yeah? WoohoOoo~!

  15. Max says:

    Hi – just wanted to say good design and blog –

  16. Pearlina says:

    oh my god, i so agree to your post. That’s why i deleted friendster!

  17. John Williams says:

    Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :)

  18. subtitles says:

    interesting topic

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