Blackout in KT

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Came back from work the other day and was chatting with my housemates when suddenly the lights went out. *Poof*

Kanasai ….. blackout in KT = no TV, no internet = no life = no purpose to our existence

For as far as I remember, there’d never been any cases of electricity supply cuts in the apartment before. So me and my housemate started thinking …..

“Electricity bill haven’t paid yet leh…. Hmmm….”

There were a few kids out in the tarmac hanging around so we screwed up enough courage to ask them if there houses had their power cut as well.

I mean ….. paisehleh …… imagine if only our house had no electricity …. and if it was cut cause we didn’t pay the bills.

Then it’d be known that there’re 3 really cheap pharmacists who live in Wisma Tenang who don’t pay their electricity bills.

We’d be shunned from society and we’d have to live as outcasts.

Thankfully all the other houses were out as well.

So I made the best use of my time in the darkness. I whipped out my camera and started taking pictures of the blackout.

Here are some of the pictures ….


The living room 


 My room


 The toilet

Erhmmm ….I feel pretty stupid now actually ….

But then abit later, we peeked outside and noticed this … 


You see, the funny thing about our apartment is that they have back up generators. But those generators are only used to power up the lights along the corridors.



I think that’s quite kanasai lor.

It’s like having insurance that covers all the people around you but yourself.

Oh well ……

At least in the blackout there’re things you can do that you’d never do with the lights on, even in the privacy of your room.


 Me doing something really gross

I’ll leave it up to your imagination …..


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2 Responses to “Blackout in KT”

  1. darkstarr says:

    I think that those generator-powered lights in the balcony are meant for an escape route from your ‘gross acts’! Ahaha.

  2. Jay says:

    LOL …… darn whoever built the apartment sure had everything planned out …

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