Hung like a ManShop

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Don’t know about you but something about this sign just feels a bit wrong to me….. 



Does the term ‘hung like a horse’ come to mind? Then there’s that ‘manshop’ behind it.

Okay okay…… that was pretty lame.

Just thought I’d put something up before I head over to the north of Terengganu for my BTN. Or Biro Tatanegara. I’ll be there until Sunday….

……Tata – what you say?

It’s some sort of government camp training thing…. just think of national service, but for government servants. And that includes all the jungle trekking, mountain climbing and physical activties that come with it.  

Minus the icky blue marine-like uniforms those youngsters have to wear of course.

As for my fellow pharmacy colleagues, I’m pretty sure some of you already signed up ain’t it? 

Well, I’ll post my experiences up here when I get back on Sunday. That’s provided I haven’t passed out from all the physical activities or fallen off a mountain or something.

I’ll see you guys in 5 days~!

Kanasai BTN~!

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2 Responses to “Hung like a ManShop”

  1. kim says:

    Oi, how come your BTN so fast wan ler… I’ve been in service longer than you oso haven’t gone yet. Then again, I just heard of someone who hasn’t gone for Induksi yet… (started service about 6 months after me, 6 months before you kua) guess I can’t complain. =P

    Have fun at BTN – not too sure whether you’ll be “tortured” in some jungle or wat, but a friend recently told me it wasn’t too bad wor… and it was even “a good experience”?? (Can’t recall exactly, maybe due to the sheer shock of a relatively positive feedback compared to horror stories I usually hear, haha) Well, shall wait for your take on the matter, lolz!

  2. jay says:

    Oh boy was BTN the worst thing Malaysia ever created ….. Will be posting up my experience soon …. Cheers kimmi

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