Biro Tata Kanasai lar~!

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I can’t believe I actually survived 5 days in Khemah Biro Tata Kanasai.

See here …. the government propaganda and all that crap I can take.

But the physical activities? In a span of 5 days I actually :

  1. Ran 2 kilometres in 15 minutes
  2. Walked 2 kilometres to Bukit Keluang, climbed it for another 2 kilometres, then walked 2 kilometres back to camp
  3. Did physical tests such as hold my breath for 60 seconds
  4. Abseiled from a 4 storey tower
  5. Donated great amounts of my blood to the Biro Tata Negara Mosquito Support Group

Here’s a picture of my arm on the first morning that I woke up : 


Kanasai lor. I swore I felt anemic later that day


Hell started when we pulled up the driveway of the BTN Camp in Besut on Wednesday afternoon

Should’ve known that something was not right when I saw the facilitators there and they were all in army pants.

And there was jungle all around ….


And they didn’t speak normally like you and me do.

They talk the way an army captain talks to his underlings, really loudly and noisily and kanasai-ly.

Yup apparently the whole group of them used to be in the elite force or something.

So I guess now that they’re retired, this is as close as it gets to a cushy government job ….. yelling at other government servants for no reason in a hot and stuffy camp.

I checked into dormitory A. Here’s dormitory A 




And this is my mini wardrobe over there.

I chose the bed at the corner of the room and when I was about to put the bedsheets on the bed I saw this …. 


Kanasai. Graffiti. And you know how I feel about graffiti. Not only that, graffiti was even on the walls 


I guess it’s a fair trade …. come to this camp and get all fired up in patriotism, then trade in your civic consciousness and whatever good values you have….

Prayers for the Muslims meant that I had a whole 2 hours of free time every evening and an hour in the morning.

See, other than me, there was just one more non Muslim…. an Indian dude.

So during those times, we had the bathroom all to ourselves. It was like having a personal bathroom actually. Only that they were more kanasai than your average bathroom 


See here, in Camp Biro Tata Kanasai, they probably never heard of such a thing called showers.


What they had was this big thingie that holds a whole lot of water. 


Then they provide you with scoops for you to well …. scoop water and bathe.

Darn …… it’s always been my dream to bathe out in public with a whole bunch of strangers wearing nothing but my underwear and my last thread of dignity.

Needless to say the bathing experience was far from comfortable….

Even though it was just me and the Indian dude….

When we weren’t being yelled at or being forced to do physical activities to break our backs, we had ceramahs. And discussion groups.


This was where all the political propaganda took place. We were made to sing songs and listen to talks on how great our country is.

Yada yada yada…..

Probably shouldn’t talk too much about this lest saya dipanggil anak derhaka…


Every morning and evening we were made to assemble out on the tarmac and berkhalwat …. oops I mean berkawad.

….In true military style so that meant we had to do the baris, baris sedia and dari kiri cepat jalan jazz…..

Under the hot boiling sun whose rays mother earth is so lucky to be blessed with.

In fact we were made to stand under the hot sun for almost everything …

  1. When we were being yelled at
  2. When we were not being yelled at
  3. Before breakfast
  4. Before tea
  5. Before going in for the exam on the last day
  6. Before running 2km
  7. Before going mountain climbing


I guess the consolation was that we were happily fed 6 meals a day.

So basically we had a meal in between every darn thing.

Meals in between the ceramahs and discussions. Minum in between meals. Minum in between the minums which were in between meals ….


 There’s he dining hall. Strange that I never did manage to take a picture of the dining hall when I was in the dining hall. I guess food has that effect on my brain.

A great lesson in discipline was this …


 After each meal we all had to clean our own dishes and wipe them clean. I thought this was really good ….

 Until the last day when the facilitator read out some of the comments that we wrote in the comment form. Apparently some dude wrote this …

‘Tidak suka mencuci pinggan. Bagi peserta akan datang, tolonglah upah pencuci pinggan’.

…. that really gets me all cracked up even when I think of it now.

And speaking of last days,  it couldn’t have come sooner.

Was really glad to be done with the whole thing.

When I left the place there was a strange feeling of elation in me. Couldn’t believe I’d be going back to civilisation. Suddenly KT seemed like such a developed place to me.

It was then that I made up my mind never to make fun of KT again …

…. well, for the next 3 days at least …..



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17 Responses to “Biro Tata Kanasai lar~!”

  1. essentric says:

    OMG. What nonsense? Send you into the jungle and feed you government propaganda, and you in turn feed the mozzies?

    Heh, well, there you go – your NS experience 😛

  2. jay says:

    What to do Doreen? Government servant mar …. I guess the mosquitoes were the happiest there.

  3. charis says:

    aiks.. i suddenly have very severe asthma attack.. can i be exempted? seriously, i think i can die of cardiovascular shock leh? walk 2+2+2.. that is 6 whole friggin kilometers??? must we all go……….?

  4. jay says:

    Think we have to right naybora? That’s if we want to naik pangkatlar. Whatever it is I’m glad it’s over with … hehe

  5. thehornybassist says:

    arghhh,,,,… you weak city boys…. If me and me mateys were there, the mozzies would be registering their names in a ABBA book, to acknowledge that they will not kacau us, and will have theirs lives spared from our ‘fists of fury’…. as to the bathing… BAH! what stupid tub? we’d go to the nearest clear water reserve and take massive group baths, using our pots & pans to scoop water! and after that maybe even cook maggi at the nearest hot water springs… (can cook fried egg, if can get a nice flat stone…)

    MUAHAHAH>>> you guys suck…ASOB rules…. (ASOB = Anthonian Sons of B*****>>>(with no disrespect to our maternal moms… we love you mom… muaks!

  6. jay says:

    Hmmm … you know Julie, somehow I preferred it when you were like …. horny and all. Haha. Jamming next weekend woohOoo~!

  7. kim says:

    hmmm… if BTN = feed mozzies, communal baths (eh, for girls oso same meh?), brains turn to mush (except in the prescence of food), boot camp = suffer, man… but terpaksa lar, if you want a chance to naik pangkat anyway…

    still, so fast lar you got your letter… i dare not call to follow up oso… in case suddenly kena called, haha… this year quite the busy lor, pai seh to defer hehe.

  8. jay says:

    Well, actually in a way it’s good I got it so fast, induksi’s gonna be a holiday after this. Hehe

  9. darkstarr says:

    I pray hard I won’t go through that ordeal..dats really shitty dude..

  10. jay says:

    Muahaha …. well if you’re gonna b a govt doctor then I guess you’ve got it coming …

  11. kim says:

    Induksi – holiday?!!! Haha… we shall see… *winks* When’s yours gonna be? Will be looking out for your take on that one, lolz!!

  12. ahBONG says:


    tell me about it. 5 days and u’re complaining. imagine 3 months of shitty camp!

    the consolation tho, ur dorm is, double bunk! but the bad thing is, open shower?!?!?! OMG! like, erm, isn’t too open for the muslims? LMAO

  13. Jay says:


    I thank the Lord up there every day that the shitty camp was implemented way after my time. lol

  14. Adz Ariff says:

    WHoa! Reading this post, it’s making me pray that I’ll survive my own induction course starting next week! But thanks for sharing your experience, now I know what to expect. Mind if I link this post from my own blog as future reference for future induction-ers?

  15. air says:

    i am going there soon. god bless!!!

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