Identity Crisis Part 2

Pharmacy Related, Very the Kanasaion May 7th, 200812 Comments

Here we go again ……

Never imagined that a simple letter from the KKM could render me speechless……  



Well, looks to me that now, not only am I a perempuan…. I’m apparently happily married as well.


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12 Responses to “Identity Crisis Part 2”

  1. J2Kfm says:

    hey! congrats! both for positive response for relocation, AND also successful sex change! :)

  2. essentric says:

    once a woman, ALWAYS a woman lah.

    oo oo. where are u relocating too? back to KL?

  3. jay says:

    => j2kfm : No wonder i’v been waking up feeling really moody lately =P

    => essentric : My umpteenth time applying back to KL. Fingers crossed….

  4. yingying says:

    the puan actually is their formal way of addressing any ladies.. they nvr use Cik one… sigh…
    they very observant one..’as usual’ ur IC number stated so clearly underneath ur name..they cannot see it ends with odd number ah?? but..mayb they realised it but they still choose to want to believe u r a Puan…hahahahahaha

  5. jay says:

    Kanasailehh …. Don’t carelah they call me puan, Datin, Kanasai boy …. as long as they layan my application. Hehe

  6. kim says:


    Eh, what reason you used for transfer ah? Ikut suami ah?? If you say that, sure they address you as “puan” lar… hehehe! *winks* Psst… have you actually checked with the IC Dept?? Maybe something gone wrong there, which would explain the root cause of your problem…

    Anyways, all the best in your request. Erm, if you come back to KL means your blog gonna be “Non-Kanasai”??

    Oh ya, agreed with Hooi Ying – they so totally address you as “puan” regardless of whether you’re married or not… wonder if it’s their way of giving you a “title”/”honour”(?), hehe!

  7. kim says:

    Oops, I mean erm… “un-kanasai”… forgot which term you used lar =P

  8. Jay says:

    Hmmmm … if I go back to KL, change my blog to Un-Kanasi? Totally Un-Kanasai idea. Hehe. Don’t know yet Kimmi, if I really do get back to KL it’ll be so surreal. Don’t wanna get my hopes up.

    Address you as puan regardless? I kind of disagree with the government on that.

    Puan is only for when you’re married whereas Cik can be used for a woman regardless. So why assume everyone is married?

    Oh well ….

  9. kim says:

    supposedly it’s more (ahem…) respectful to address a lady as “puan”… dunno who came up with that though… =S

    i think ppl will feel more erm… flattered(?) if addressed as “cik” even if married ler…

    hey, dun worry too much abt the transfer thing lar… but yeah, keep me posted… would be good to be seeing u around in these here parts anyways… =)

  10. jay says:

    Haha … the day I get to walk around those parts and say I work there (KL I mean) … I’ll buy you lunch k Kim? Cheers~!

  11. kim says:

    Lolz… sure, sure… you come find me and buy me lunch, kays? Hehe… (Erm… KL or Selangor both count, right? =P)

    But erm… where did you apply for? Got specific places ah? Try to get your bosses there to pull strings for you to work in Enforcement here?? Boleh tak?

  12. jay says:

    Applied for KL. Just keeping fingers crossed now.. Anywhere in Kl is fine actually. Hehe

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