My ILKAP Experience …. not really.

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See here. Everyone hates witness stands. 


If you’ve ever been to court and had to testify in a trial, you’d agree with me that being in a witness stand numbs the brains.

You know you’re not doing anything wrong yet you feel that your every word could mean the difference between a man put behind the slammer or him walking away free.

 But you want to know what’s worse than a mere witness stand?


A kanasai pharmacist in the witness stand~!

Holy cow.

That’s what I was doing during my ILKAP kursus this whole week.

Testifying against good people and framing innocent guys.

More on my ILKAP experience soon.

The time nowis 1.30am, finished my kursus in the evening, rushed over to Sunway Lagoon for sound check, and tomorrow’s the Roxy Summer Splash 2008 gig ….

I’m totally exhausted ….. ZzZzzZzzZzZzzzzzz

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