Rented No More

Disputable Language, It Can Only Be KT, Miscon June 25th, 200810 Comments

Remember a few months back where I came across this sign in Chinatown ?


Blogged about it here …..

Erhmmm …

 I think they read my blog ….


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10 Responses to “Rented No More”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You know that was fast~! Less than an hour after taking this pic

  2. Steven says:


    “Stalls to let” should sound a lot nicer. lol.

  3. jay says:

    => Anonymous : Hmm… there’re only 3 possibilities here. It’s either Angel Medic, YC Ho, or Jazzy Jeans. Why do I get the feeling it’s Angel Medic ? Haha

    => Steven : Hehe, still hoping to see you around town mate. Lotsa new Chinese faces in KT nowadays. Maybe on their way to Redang or something

  4. darkstarr says:

    Your presence is such a blessing in KT ehh..People listen to you over there. Maybe you should try politics..ahaha

  5. Anonymous says:

    That’s kinda unfair… How come the rest get those yau yeng names >> Angel Medic and Jazzy Jeans…

    And all I get is just YC Ho.. -_____-”

    I demand I get a yau yeng nick~!!! or I shall remain anonymous.. muahahaha…

  6. Steven says:

    yeah. my friend’s parents are operating a resort and the mom told her that they are a LOT of leng luis heading to Redang Island.. mostly college girls..

    damn. i wished i can follow them there next week >_<

  7. Steven says:

    I mean *there* are..

  8. Jay says:

    => Darkstarr : Politics? Nahhh …. I’d be assasinated on my first day of office. Or beaten up for being just plain kanasai. hehe

  9. Jay says:

    => Anonymous : Okaylor YC Ho, I call you Akira okay ar? Yau Yeng enough for you? Or want me to call you Zinkak Lou? 😛

    => Steven : Damn. I wish I can follow them too 😛

  10. Steven says:

    ngeh ngeh ngeh ngeh….i dont have time oni.. or else ar… hahahaha..

    maybe we can go yum char someday. Chung (see ur blogroll) is back in Trg..from Taylors, for holidays.

    Mini Trg-based Blogger Gathering. L M A O !!

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