A Bit Of Induksi ….

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As I am typing this, I’m using mobile broadband (which disconnects every other minute) from my little room in the Akademi Binaan Malaysia, tucked neatly in Jenagor, somewhere in the middle of Terengganu.

Not 2 kilometres away is the Kenyir Dam. And should the damned dam decide to break anytime soon, I reckon jaythean.com will no longer be updated …. ever.


Such are the conditions of my induksi for the past week. In 1 week we’ve been subjected to non stop lectures for the whole day, starting from 8am all the way to 11pm.

Lectures about what? All things government related.

About really interesting things ….

Lectures that had us paying attention to every word …. 



Yawn, I have half an hour for a quick nap before the next class.

A full account of my induksi experience coming soon ….


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4 Responses to “A Bit Of Induksi ….”

  1. J2Kfm says:

    haha .. I think I understand how you’re feeling.
    we played Sudoku, ate sweets, chatted, play mobile games, dreamed, took countless toilet breaks in order to get away from the class …

  2. jay says:

    Ooooo oooo Sudoku~! My note book us now partially a Sudoku book. Copied puzzles from a friend’s. Oh well, it’s over now. Only one more hurdle … Exam tomorrow

  3. yingying says:

    wei..i actually miss induksi k? :p
    yeah… half of my class was asleep also.. it was really tiring…esp towards the end of induksi…

  4. jay says:

    Yealoo. I’m done. I’m back. Yay

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