A Whole Lot Of Induksi

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When you’re organising a campaign with a gayass mascot that looks something like this …. 


And it’s about the most boring stuff on planet Earth ……

like  …… Take your medicines at the correct time with the correct dose through the correct route through the Zzzzzzz…..

and …… Don’t buy counterfeit medicine like Viagral and Cialas lest you get a 24 hour erection …. 

on a working Sunday (Terengganu weekends are on Friday and Saturday mind you) ….

You just know it’s not gonna get the kind of response you want.

HEY~!!! Why did you just HIT me?

Ok lor …. I know I really should do my profession proud and promote this Kenali Ubat Anda campaign thingy. But the campaign robbed me of my weekend, along with the blissful sleep I should’ve been getting after my 2 week induksi.


Which brings me to my point.

Shall we begin my induksi account with this picture?  


The Akademi Binaan Malaysia is located in Jenagor near the Kenyir Dam.

It’s about 15 km from the Kuala Berang town of Hulu Terengganu which by itself is about 40km away from Kuala Terengganu.

…. In other words it’s in the middle of nowhere.

Being near the mountains meant that we had unpredictable weather. It could be as good as sunny one minute, then before you can say ‘kanasai’, ……BAM it’s raining.

Then there were times we stood on dry land and watched as rain came down a few meters in front of us

Of course the most kanasai thing was when it was sunny …… and then BAM raining while it was still sunny. 


Bloody kanasai crazy weather ….

Anyway, we had lectures for the whole day every single day. Like morning all the way till night. I reckon we made good use of our time during the lectures ….. 




I have my own Sudoku book now …. I swear I copied almost all of the puzzles off my friend’s Sudoku book. 


You see, the clever government makes it such that all government servants who want to be confirmed as …. well … confirmed government servants have to undergo this induction course.

The facilitators wanted us to think of it as orientation.

Of course being the clever government that our …well …. clever government is, they choose to have us undergo orientation 2 years into our service….

….. at a time where we already know who’s who in our profession and when we’ve already made all the mistakes we’d have otherwise been able to avoid had this orientation / induction been conducted earlier.

So we had classes that taught us about things like allowances we were entitled to …..

….. what we should and shouldn’t do as government servants

….. integrity as government servants …..

…. and of course we couldn’t escape things like the history of our country and also our country’s policies …

Think things like Dasar Ekonomi Baru, Dasar Penswastaan Negara, Wawasan 2020 and all the crap you left behind back in history class and you get my drift.

But then it wasn’t all just about boring and serious lectures…

There was also silly things we were made to do…

Like coming up with a group name, a group logo and a group song…….

So we got down to doing things the professional and ethical way as government servants with integrity … 


…. Coming up with a totally silly group name like Roti Canai  


….. Making do with a totally unimaginative group logo 


…. And ripping off other patriotic songs by changing the original lyrics here and there.

But really must admit that I enjoyed every minute of the silliness and craziness me and my group members cooked up throughout.

Cheers Roti Canai~!


In the morning we were made to sing patriotic songs and to baca ikrar Kementrian Kesihatan Malaysia.

That was before we were made to do morning exercises to promote kesihatan. 


Look at me at back there. I look like freaking Iron Man taking off.

The morning exercises sure did wonders in waking us up. In fact they were so effective in waking people up that by the second day, nobody turned up.

I guess everyone wanted more sleep …..

But that was when they weren’t already catching some shut eye at other times ….. 




Horrible food. Ugh

As I’ve always stressed, this being a government course meant that we were fed 6 times a day.

Mediocre bland food that followed a pattern after a few days.

There was one morning where the mee goreng and fried rice were totally tasteless. Seriously. Think the cookee forgot to put salt or something.

Either that or he ran out of it.

I guess there were moments that made us feel like well …. life ain’t that bad after all.



Like the time when the usual raining-while-sunny thingy happened and this rainbow appeared. If you look close enough you’ll actually notice that there were two.

 Ahhh … life’s little pleasures.

The highlight of the whole induksi was of course the exam on the last day.

It was during those intense moments of mugging the day before that made us regret sleeping and sudoku-ing during classes. So overcome with remorse were that we cooped ourselves up in our rooms studying like hell.

Nah I’m laying. Study day came, we woke up at 10am, read a bit, ate, took a crap, slept in the evening and relied heavily on tips.

…… Now let’s hope we don’t flunk the exam…

… or there’d be induksi round 2.


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7 Responses to “A Whole Lot Of Induksi”

  1. yingying says:

    ur roti canai flag looks kinda plain and boring ler… i tot my dodol flag was erm… not good… after seeing ur gp’s, i felt so much better :PpPpppPpP
    i am so glad i had my induksi in 5 star hotel… hey..u din mention anything about ur gp performance…

  2. thehornybassist says:

    I KNEW IT!!! YOU’RE FARKING IRON MAN!!! DAMNIT>> WHERE”S THE SUIT>>> can pinjam for a week ar? I’ll return it with full tank….

  3. jay says:

    => ying : Oh yeah hor Ying … forgot to put about the Malam Mesra. Hehe. We did some dumb drama. Paiseh lah to write …

    => HornyBasser : LOL …. Darn the secret’s out.

  4. No Name Pharmacist says:

    You really wanna know why all the food tasteless~? Coz they spent too much buying sugar to put into our make-you-diabetic drinks mar.. manalah enuf money to buy salt~?

  5. jay says:

    => No Name Pharmacist : Agreed mate …. Eh dunlar shy shy, putlar your name :)

  6. yingying says:

    eh… you all were served highly glucose loaded drinks too ah??
    ours besides sweet, the drinks were of different colour every meal… even rainbow or buncho colours cannot beat them!! dull turbid colour = lychee flavour, next day, bright green colour = lychee flavour also! anyway, i drink plain water for every meal.. and know wat?? plain water tasted like lychee also…

  7. jay says:

    Wahh … so colourful. Different colours, all taste like lychee. Another good example of ‘Char tou’. Hahahahahaha

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