Of Raja Petra’s arrest and of the circus running our country…

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So I woke  up the other day and read the papers.  Raja Petra arrested under ISA. Yada yada.

I figured Malaysia Today isn’t exactly the most pro government site nowadays.

But then hor …..

Teresa Kok also arrested wor.  And here’s the most kanasai thing I’ve ever heard of. The Sin Chew Daily reporter who wrote on Ahmad Ismail’s racist remark was also arrested.

I  think our friends up there heading the country have totally lost it man.

And I also think that other countries in the world are having a good laugh watching the circus that is the Malaysian Government.

Cause apparently when you make racist remarks in our country, here’s how they handle things:

  1. Make sure whoever made that remark is a member of UMNO or BN
  2. Sit on the matter for days. Never mindlar if he made the deputy prime minister apologise on his behalf, then remained defiant.
  3. Then when things are finally dicussed, make sure you let him go with just a 3 year suspension
  4. Go and arrest the reporter who reported on that racist remark.
  5. While they’re at it, might as well arrest other people too. Syiok what. Arrest Teresa Koklar. Raja Petra also talk so much. Arrest him alsolar.
  6. Eh that grandmother walking down Petaling Street talking about our governmentlar. Better arrest her also lar. Just in case.

So we have one of the most racist dudes in our country walking away scot free after sparking what might have been the follow up to 1969.


And then we have the messenger , the poor Sin Chew Daily reporter Tan Hoon Cheng, under arrest.


You know it’s kind of like Harry Potter where messages are sent via owls….. 


Then when you get news that ruffle you …..


You shoot the poor bloody owl. 


Of course the public protests. When the kanasai government does kanasai things, are we to just keep quiet?

So in the face of overwhelming protests, they then release the poor Sin Chew gal.

Here’s the next kanasai thing. Their explanation for arresting the gal? To protect her wor. For her safety wor.

Holy Crapolingam.

Eh next time you borrow money from ah Long hor, if you feel that your life is in danger ….. call up the ISA. They’ll protect you.

They’ll put you straight in jail. Better than being beaten up what.


And what about circus act number 2? The sudden need for our MPs to learn agriculture. In Taiwan.

An explanation which undermines the intelligence of each and every citizen in our country in yet another exuberant display of arrogance from our friends up there.

It’s like playing cat and mouse actually.

Send MPs to Taiwan. Opposition follows suit. Once opposition people reach Taiwan, send MPs back to Malaysia.


There’re actually a dozen other things I want to pick on but I think I’d better stop lest the ISA people arrive in Terengganu and pick up a certain kanasai person. 

Don’t know bout you people, but I feel our country’s headed for dark times.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in a day or two.

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2 Responses to “Of Raja Petra’s arrest and of the circus running our country…”

  1. Steven says:

    Hi Jay, long time no see, although we tak pernah met pun.

    I find this post is one of the most interesting post among your previous posts. Let’s just hope some hero will be able to rescue the country on time. Singaporeans (just an example ok) must be laughing a lot at us. =\

  2. Jay says:

    Hahaha. Long time no see in the virtual world. Yar man. 16th September over. Nothing happened…….. yet. Slowly but surely kuar. =)

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