The Most UnKanasai Letter Ever

My Favourites, Somewhat Serious Issueson October 23rd, 200811 Comments

Got a letter today ….

And after that ….

The world seemed like such a nicer place …..

Food tasted so much better ……

Every step I took felt so much lighter …..

The air never felt so good in my lungs……

Even being called a woman did not bother me in the least …..


For …..

The largest of burdens have been lifted off my shoulders….

I’ve been waiting for this moment for the past 2 years …….

KL …….




I’m coming home~!!!

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11 Responses to “The Most UnKanasai Letter Ever”

  1. Steven says:

    oh my! Finally!! congratulations!! haha. so u’re gonna leave soon?? aiyo.. that means no more teh-o-peng at Nibong or Zies any more lorr… aisehh…

  2. essentric says:

    hey! that’s good news puan! :)

  3. charis says:


    thanks! i get a peek how the HAPPY letter looks like. i shall wait for mine and it shall say BPFK or just WPKL also can. hahahaha!!

  4. jay says:

    =>Steven : Hehe… Well, I’m glad we did manage to meet up the other day =)

    =>Essentric : Cheers Doreen.

    =>Charis : Yo naybora … I await your letter too. *fingers crossed*

  5. jay says:

    => ah Bong : Erhmm … yup. Been getting that quite alot ever since I joined the government. Oh well.

  6. rachel says:

    congratulations :)

    funny stuffs you have here. kekeke! i like.

  7. jay says:

    Thanks rachel. Do come back often for more kanasai things. =)

  8. Dharmain says:

    Puan??? bro (can I still call you that). I mean, hope its a typo. heh heh heh

    Welcome back.

  9. Jay says:

    Ahaha. Thanks mate. Do let me know bout your church project thingy. Cheers~!

  10. kimaroo says:

    Welcome back, Kanasai Jay~! =)

    Glad your transfer finally came about… Heard that quite a lot of transfers here and there have been approved recently. Charis also planning to transfer? Thought she was happy out there in uh… Temerloh, was it??

    Anyhoo, congratulations are due, Puan… *winks*

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