In Anticipation of Good Movies ….

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Just came from watching Sudoku Incident the other day …..

Oops I meant … Shinjuku Incident. See the thing I’ve come to realize nowadays is that in movieland, the characters that you choose really define you and your career years down the road.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s take a look at Pierce Brosnan. Right. Mention the word Pierce Brosnan and Mr Kanasai Bond comes to mind.


So you could ask Mr Brosnan to get rid of his gun and suit and act in any other movie … even something totally the opposite of his character like Mamma Mia … 


Yet somehow you’ll kinda picture the dude in his suit and wonder why he’s still carrying his gun while singing songs.

Similarly you’ve got people like the 3 main characters of Harry Potter who’ll probably be doomed to forever be called Harry, Ron and Hermione.


Daniel who? Ruper who? Ohhhh .. you mean Harry and Ron right?

Ok, before we go further let it be known that I’m a fan of Emma Watson so we’ll leave her out of this one. I’ve always thought that it should’ve been Hermione Granger who should’ve been the star of the Harry Potter series …

The books really should’ve been named …

Hermione Granger and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Or Hermione Granger and The Goblet Of Fire featuring (very slightly) Harry Potter ….

Or Hermione Granger and The Prisoner Of Azkaban, with appearances by Harry Potter …

Or Hermione Ganger and Her Secret Chambers … hmmm … that sounded quite wrong.

Oops … I digress.

So like I was saying. So there was this whole big controversy about Daniel Radcliffe getting naked for some show or whatever …. 


But somehow when I see this picture I imagine … 


…… him doing his Harry Potter thing…

Gahhh … that’s a bad piece of photoshopping …but you get my drift ….

And I haven’t even started on people like Hannah Montanah and Lizzie McGuire. Honestly speaking, I initially didn’t know that Hannah Montannah and Miley Cyrus were the same person. And truth be told, now that I know, I couldn’t care less.

So when I watched Sudoku, I mean Shinjuku Incident the other day, I couldn’t get my mind off the fact that Daniel Wu’s character was no different from all the other characters he’s played.

Ok I admit I don’t really watch Daniel Wu movies that much but the ones I did watch have me thinking of him as playing psychopaths really well.

Like in New Police Story with Jackie Chan where he was this psychotic killer dude ….. 


In Sudoku Incident, he started off as being a coward. But somehow halfway through the movie he was back playing a psychotic dude …..


The only difference was this time he looked like a guitarist from some J-Rock band who watched Dark Knight too many times and fell in love with the Joker.

And then there’s Lana Lang …. I mean Kristin Kreuk.  

In Smallville she plays a small town girl who’s overly sweet, weepy, teary eyed and emotional.


In Street Fighter she plays a small town girl with a martial arts background ……. who’s overly sweet, weepy, teary eyed and emotional.



In Street Fighter, she’s an ex piano performer who’s confused and doesn’t know her destiny.

I have a hunch. I suspect it’s to be a Street Fighter.

Whatever it is, like I said, I’ve been watching quite a few movies lately and most of them fall short of expectations.

Like Dragonball Evolution. Holy crap.

There’re about a hundred and one things wrong with the movie.

For one the main character is a white dude….


For another, Chow Yun Fatt is in the movie.


And Piccolo (still don’t know why he’s named after a woodwind instrument) looks like a Klingon who underwent green tanning.


Ho hum.

And did anybody watch the Watchmen? Ahakzzz …. watch the watchmen. Get it get it? Hahaha ….

Erhm …. I know I know …. lame.

Anyway, there was this complex incredible plot about Richard Nixon still being around and all …

And all that I felt worth remembering about the film was the fact that the dudes over at the Malaysian censorship board found Dr Manhattan’s ‘assets’ too much too handle and blurred it out ….


To be fair I don’t really know if the uncensored version has that blur spot as well but the fact is ….

Why the hell is he walking around naked anyway?

Just because you’re like, blue and glowing and all, that gives you the right to go around walking with your thing hanging? What if you bump into children man?

I also watched The International.

First up, I really have to ask this. Doesn’t the word ‘The International’ sound hanging to you?

Isn’t International an adjective or something? So why’s it being used as a noun?

It’s like calling your fat child …. The Fat.

… or your smelly feet … The Smelly.

Now that’s a movie that had me wondering why the hell they bothered making movies like that. Have you watched The International? Well, you can’t anymore but if you decde to download it and watch it … here’s a direct spoiler for you …. the ending isn’t an ending at all.


Think I’ll wait for the movies that really matter ……

Like Terminator Salivation … I mean … Salvation …


… And ooohhh boyy ….Transformers 2 ….


 And most of all …..


Hermione Granger and the Half Blood Prince …

Bahh … I wish~!

See ya at the movies ….


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5 Responses to “In Anticipation of Good Movies ….”

  1. yingying says:

    hahahahhahahhahahhahaha….very funny ah…=)

  2. charis says:

    i somehow agree.. like stereotyped liao.. u forgot Gurmit Singh!

    i was expecting him to hit a punch line in those serious movies of his.. there was this series that was aired sometime ago..
    but gotta give credit to him lah..he can act.. seriously.

  3. barbie says:


    i wonder if mr bean has ever done a serious movie… has he?

  4. Jay says:

    => Ying : hahahahahaha. Thank you ah =P

    => Naybora : Phua Chu Kang? Hehe. Actually I left out quite a few others worth mentioning. Maybe in part 2 ….

    => Barbie : I think he did …. but when he started being serious everyone burst out laughing I suppose .. =P

  5. Jay says:

    Thanks …. Hmm … I find your site pretty interesting as well. In fact i need to lose thirty pounds too. But that’ll probably take me thirty years…

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