Thanks for voting….

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You know what happiness is?

Happiness is having good friends and blog readers who, despite knowing just how kanasai you are,  help you out whenever you’re in need.

Yup …… I’m talking about that Kanasai dude in that band called Inverted Coma.


Take a trip over to and you’ll notice that we’ve climbed up to number 7.

And I have you guys to thank for that.

So do keep the votes coming and take note that you can vote with one e-mail address per day. Meaning if you have 250 email addresses you can vote a total of 250 times per day.

WoohoOoo ….. what better way to utilize your day than to refresh your window 250 times and vote for Inverted Coma.

But then who the hell has 250 email addresses anyway? So I’m content just knowing you guys are voting. For that I’m grateful.

So like I said, do keep voting. Help us reach Number 1. Should you we actually hit number 1, we’re giving out rewards to everyone …..

…..rewards in the form of you knowing someone who has a number 1 hit on the FlyFM chart.

Ok I’d better not push it. You’re probably think now …. why the heck did I vote for that guy anyway?

But on a more serious note, thanks mates for your continuous support and we pray that it will keep coming, for even as we type, a new single is on its way. And the title of the song ryhmes with ‘Nudist’.

Ahhh … thought you’d like to know that.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard ‘Miracles’, you can download it right here

Inverted Coma – Miracles

And if you like it, go to , click on vote, register your email address and vote for us~!

Then if you’re up to it, do go to our Facebook Page and become a fan~! WoohoOo.

A toast to you…. thanks for your support and we hope you’ll help us get to number 1~!

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4 Responses to “Thanks for voting….”

  1. essentric says:

    oh, and i like David’s t-shirt!

  2. Jay says:

    Thanks Doreen =)

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