Inconsiderate …..

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You know what’s plain shitty and disgusting ?

What’s plain shitty and disgusting is when you’re in a place like Mid Valley looking for a place to park.

 And you come across idiots parking their cars like this … 




Then I figured hey, the moron probably has an inferiority complex. That’s why he owns a fancy car and takes up 2 parking spaces.

Then I took a turn around the corner and holy mother of kanasai …

I saw this …


I was speechless man.

It’s true…….

Selfishness and inconsideration does not discriminate among different car drivers.

To the two idiots who own these cars (yes I didn’t even bother blacking out yor number plates, click on pictures to enlarge) ……

….The next time you’re looking for a parking space and see someone doing this to you ….

…. You know it’s karma hitting back at you right in the face.


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5 Responses to “Inconsiderate …..”

  1. denn;s says:

    lol this truly kanasai man..

  2. Jay says:

    Yar man … hehe

  3. kThean says:

    Cool. You should really put this up in any of the local newspaper. It could win you some cash!

    As a former Kancil owner, I would like to speak for the Kancil’s parking behavior…it could be 3 Kancils parked in those 2 parking lots initially, then the other 2 left earlier and left this alone and what you got is this lone ranger’s pix. 😀

  4. Jay says:

    Thanks for visiting cuz. ~!

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