Malaysia Does It Again

My Favourites, Very the Kanasaion October 4th, 2009No Comments

Okay …. I’m no marketing and advertising expert.

The way I see it, advertising is pretty simple and straightforward.

You want people to know about something, you put a picture of your product and some catchy tagline and you’ve got a pretty good advertisement.

Take Apple for example. 


They want you to know about their new Iphone 3GS, they put a picture of an Iphone 3GS in their ads.

And Nike? 


Those sports shoes look pretty good no? Hot at that.

But I think it’s done quite differently in Malaysia.

When they want people to know about the Monsoon Cup in Terengganu …. 



They put pictures of Mat Sallehs doing silat in their advertisements ….

Way to go Malaysia ….

*shakes head*



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