All That Nudity

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You know what could only be better than a picture of a bunch of ugly nude guys ?


Well … a picture of a bunch of ugly people who’re NOT nude…..

So while we’re on the topic of nudity, let’s talk about a song about nudists.

Yup the song that I said would probably not be called Nudist when it’s done.

Well, the song is done.

And it’s called The Nudist Song.

The fact is we’ve called this song that for so long now, it’s hard to imagine it being called anything else.

Don’t believe me?

Try downloading the song here ….. Inverted Coma’s The Nudist Song ….

And tell me it you don’t think of sun, sea, sand and well … nude …erhm … people … once you take a listen.

For those who can’t get enough of Inverted Coma, unlikely as that may seem, do join our Facebook page at

WoohOoo. Take Everything~!!


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