The Kanasai Year That Was ……

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So another year comes to a close…… 

And it’s time to take a look at the year that was ….

I do admit …. it’s been a rather slow year here at

Kanasai …

The fact is, Kuala Lumpur isn’t exactly thriving with kanasai things to talk about as compared to Terengganu.

In retrospect, I guess the more interesting things I touched about KL in 2009 were  …..

The Kanasai Guide To Driving In KL …. 

Or the Flasher in the Carpark thingy …..

Cause I found it highly interesting that Mid Valley car park systems had this thing here ….


So what …. are we supposed to like flash here ? Right now? Like this ?


G2000 too landed a mention in July 2009. I mean ….. 


They’ve got this tagline that says For Those Who Work ….. 


But tell me now ….. does that dude up there look like he wants to work to you? Kanasai….

Not to mention the other day when I came across this sign ….


 And right beneath that sign I saw this ….


 Way to go Malaysians~! Prove to the world once again why we still have 3rd world mentality …

Of course …… My disputable language category had its fair share of kanasainess as well …. 


Like this ‘Paking Lot‘ I came across near the Pekeliling flats ….

Or the googles I came across in the wards …. 



And me being a movie buff, movies weren’t spared the kanasainess either …

Like when I reviewed current movie stinkers in antipication of good movies ….

Or when I tore up New Moon cause there was a


Flour faced dude…..


… a really annoying gal who runs everytime she leaves her truck …. kanasai … 


… and a whole bunch of ugly half naked guys who ran around shirtless for the entire move …

And speaking of nudity …… there was a whole lot of nudity in 2009 here no ? 


For 2009 was the year Inverted Coma  decided to take the next logical step in its career path …

…. erhm ….. no we didn’t disband …..

We got our songs on the FlyFM and thanks to loyal readers and good friends, we made it as far as number 5 on the FlyFM Campur Chart for the single ‘Miracles‘.

On top of that we launched our second single the Nudist Song a few weeks after that, a single which we reckon will take us somewhere in 2010. Just you wait and see.

2009 also saw us being nominated for the VIMA awards in the ‘best rock song’ and ‘best guitar goreng riff’ categories. Just click on the link above and you’ll know what I’m talking about …

So while 2009 was a rather quiet year here at, I’m gonna tell you straight up that well ….

2010 might just be another boring one…..

I’m not very good at promoting my own blog am I ?

Nah I’m just kidding, 2010’s gonna be filled with more exciting things and I kid you not ….

For it’s gonna be the year where:

1.  I’ll be taking the biggest step that will forever change my life

2. Inverted Coma’s gonna go all out (think album and loads of gigs and shows)

3. I might just be heading for a career change (which means more kanasai observations in new company or wherever I end up)

4. The kanasainess is gonna come pouring in as I step up observations of kanasainess in Kuala Lumpur.

So I officially bid 2009 goodbye and formally invite 2010 into the realm of kanasainess …

Here’s to a great year ahead~!!

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