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My first blog posting for the year 2010 …. and what better way than to start it off with something different …

So here goes …. I’ve upgraded from pictures of 4 ugly guys …

to a video of 4 ugly guys~! WoohOoo

Yup …. the same ugly guys who call themselves Inverted Coma.

That’s the video recording of the interview …. the full article can be read over here …

We knew something was up when this gal from Voize started asking us funny funny questions and recording us with her phone.

We thought she was just a loyal Inverted Coma fan who wanted to well …. ask us funny funny questions and record us with her phone.

But seriously now, Charlene was great for she put us at ease during the whole interview. So cheers to her and cheers to Voize.

Oh yeah ….. and if you want to hear these guys on radio, do tune in to FlyFM this Sunday (10th January) at 7pm.

For Hunny Madu will be asking us funny funny questions on air and then playing ‘The Nudist Song’ …..


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