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Ermahgerd ….Sweets~!

Good ol Kanasai KL, Very the Kanasaion March 1st, 2013No Comments

Found this creepy looking poster staring at me in Carrefour the other day …





Very Tight Meal

Disputable Language, Good ol Kanasai KLon February 21st, 2013No Comments

Only in Leo’s Cafe ….


Will you be able to grill a chicken tight with mushroom sauce …




Cook Books You’ll Probably Never See in Bookstores

A Lot Of Nonsense, My Favourites, Plain Crazy Thingson March 4th, 20113 Comments

Been awhile since I wrote about Financial Books You’ll Probably Never See in Bookstores.

Just came from dinner the other day with my buddy when we suddenly thought of this …..

Another addition to the series of books that’ll probably never make it to your local bookstore ….

This time we poke fun at :




Killer Menu

Disputable Language, It Can Only Be KT, My Favouriteson January 22nd, 20095 Comments

So I was back in Terengganu for a visit the other day.

The minute I stepped back onto KT soil, I was overwhelmed by the sudden urge to take pictures. And of course I was reminded of why exactly I started this blog.

I mean, where else in the world can you walk into a cafe and find a menu that positively whets the appetite like this? 

For starters, you could try the fried rice with Belancan….


What the heck’s a belancan anyway? Sounds a lot like a green Street Fighter character I used to use … 


Wait that’s Blanka. Oops

My bad.

Then of course there’s this. Whatever it means….


See, I think they’re selling something that’s toasted. I don’t know what the heck it is that’s toasted, but they make it a point to let you know that it’s toasted.

It’s like saying …. roasted with hor fun.

Or …. Fried with pepper sauce.

You tend to think it’s right the first time you read it, but when you’re actually gonna order it, you realize you’re probably being conned or something.

Interesting to note that underneath the Margerine & Kaya, there’s Magerin Kahwin.

Erhmm …. how exactly does margerine get married?

And see here …..


 I didn’t know flowers were a main dish now. I must be getting old lar. I always thought flowers are what boyfriends give girlfriends, or what people give others when someone dies.

Imagine if this picks up …. we’d be having Bunga Raya with nasi lemak.

Or …. Orchid with roti canai.

Anyway, to wash it all down …. 


.. You can choose between cappucino, chocolate or latter, which if said in one swift sentence makes me sound quite retarded.

Not forgetting the noodles …. 


I dont know about you, but I think E-mee is the new wave mee which you can order and eat in cyber space, much like e-mail or e-commerce and the like.

But for the life of me I can’t figure out what Q-Mee is.

I reckon it’s actually a secret code or something that was derived by the menu writers when they were typing out this kanasai menu. It probably means Kill-Me.


Mama Rocks~!

A Lot Of Nonsense, It Can Only Be KT, My Favourites, Plain Crazy Thingson August 29th, 20082 Comments

In the style of my favourite food blogger friend, J2kfm, let me present to you our favourite eating place over here in KT.

When I say favourite, I mean we only favour it during times where we wake up after an evening nap to find the clock showing 9.30pm and we’re too lazy to drive out to Chinatown.

This is Mama Tomyam


So let’s start with this. Kopi panas sedap.

Notice the wonderful presentation of the entire thing.


Presented to you in 2 layers so that you can either sip the top part and cringe at the sheer bitterness of black coffee, or scoop up the bottom bit for that sugar rush you might need later for the happening nightlife in KT which includes clubbing, discos, strip dancing and free flow alcohol. 

Either that or the person who prepares it is just too darn lazy to stir the damn thing. 

Looking at it, one is tempted to think of eating layer cakes.

Ahhh. Sedapnyer.

In fact it’s so sedap that once you’ve downed it………


You’ll be ordering this on subsequent visits for fear of getting diabetes.

Then this usually comes next.

Delicious eggs. The one on top is called Telur Mata Kerbau. The other one is Telur Dadar.


Though they both taste different, they both have one thing in common.

Once the cookie’s done with the dish, he scoops extra oil onto the dish, giving it that wonderfully lustrous shiny texture …. and also giving you that extra bit of cholestrol you might just need for your next heart attack. 


And here’s the main course. Fried rice with black thingies. From afar, you might be tempted to think it’s some exotic animal being served. Like deer meat.


Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

And since it’s burnt to a crisp, it wouldn’t really matter anyway cause it might taste like burnt chicken for a while, then with the next bite , it might taste like burnt beef.

Delicious satisfaction for the whole family.

And the highlight of the whole meal? 


Is that once you’re done. You get to wipe your mouth with Virgin pulp.

I imagine people who work for this company have to be virgins to be employed.

So for those of you who balk at the thought of non-virgins in the factory making your tissue paper, fear not …… these virgins are giving you their pulp so that you can have clean, unpolluted material to wipe your mouths with.

So come on over to Mama Tomyam. Guaranteed to tingle the senses …..

….. and to make you realize that the drive down to Chinatown at 9.30pm was probably worth it after all.

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