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ILKAP obviously stands for something.

It stands for Institut Latihan Kehakiman dan Perundangan.

And that was where I had my kursus last week.

And that’s about where you’ll come in asking me this …..

“What the hell are you doing learning about our country’s judiciary system and law?”



You see …… in the enforcement, other than being kanasai pharmacists, we’re also kanasai lawyers.

When we go on raids, not only do we bust their asses and confiscate all their illegal items…

….. we then proceed to make them remember it by hauling them to court and charging their asses off.

We look at it as just another way of making friends and spreading the love.

Anyway ….

I found the experience over at the ILKAP a really wholesome one.

Cause for one the facilities were pretty good… 



And the hostel rooms were pretty well furnished  



But the food …

….as with all government sponsored kursuses, we had 6 absolutely delicious meals a day…. 


Like this here …… does this dish make your mouth water or what ?

…… Looks like dried chilli that your mum left in the larder 6 months ago and forgot about……

Food aside, the course entailed lectures and tutorials conducted by actual lawyers. So we had to learn up Acts like the Penal Code, Evidence Act and the like ….

And at the end of it all we had a mock trial where we were pitted against a real lawyer and made to present our case in front of a real judge.  



So in other words a bunch of bumbling kanasai pharmacists with near zero knowledge of court proceedings and court questioning VS a seasoned 20+ years experienced lawyer ….. under the watchful and skeptical eye of a High Court Judge.

Sounds fair to me.

We didn’t win the case of course. But I must say the experience was really something. We learnt how to question witnesses effectively.

As for me ……. I also learnt how to be a witness. 


Cause since it was a mock trial, we all had roles to play.

And mine was that of the sad and pathetic investigation officer of the case ….

I think I answered quite kanasai ly ….

And I also think that’s probably why we lost the case.

Ahhh ….. but there’s something I really do have to point out …. something that baffled the hell out of all of us participants …

See the stairs there ? 


Wonder what the sign says ? 


Hmmm ……

So we have a flight of stairs that we’re not allowed to use.

They should’ve told us to bring our own ladders then ….. Kanasai~!

But I think the highlight of the kursus was this ….. 


This ain’t no ordinary shower man. 


It’s a singing shower~! See the musical note next to the second button?

Now if you get bored while showering, all you have to do is press that button and there’s music in the toilet~!


I actually tried it only once. Cause when the shower started singing, I could actually hear my room mate laughing his head off out in the room.

Of course after awhile it got really annoying so I switched it off ….

 ……. my room mate’s laughter I mean …..


My ILKAP Experience …. not really.

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See here. Everyone hates witness stands. 


If you’ve ever been to court and had to testify in a trial, you’d agree with me that being in a witness stand numbs the brains.

You know you’re not doing anything wrong yet you feel that your every word could mean the difference between a man put behind the slammer or him walking away free.

 But you want to know what’s worse than a mere witness stand?


A kanasai pharmacist in the witness stand~!

Holy cow.

That’s what I was doing during my ILKAP kursus this whole week.

Testifying against good people and framing innocent guys.

More on my ILKAP experience soon.

The time nowis 1.30am, finished my kursus in the evening, rushed over to Sunway Lagoon for sound check, and tomorrow’s the Roxy Summer Splash 2008 gig ….

I’m totally exhausted ….. ZzZzzZzzZzZzzzzzz

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