Inverted Coma for Best Rock Act in VIMA Awards 2013

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Inverted Coma for President in 2013~!

Ok, now that I’ve gotten your attention …..

Them 4 ugly dudes in that band called Inverted Coma are back. And with them, new songs that are guaranteed to stir emotions in you …. though not always positive ones.

We’ve been nominated in the upcoming VIMA (Voize Independent Music Awards) 2013 in not one … but two categories. *gasp*

Yup, we’re up for awards in these categories :-

Best Rock Song 

Best Rock Act

So whilst you loyal readers are getting your daily dose of kanasainess over here, why not mosey along over to the links above and vote for us?

I don’t think you’ve got much to lose … except your dignity and sensible judgement.

You’re probably going to ask this next …. what song was kanasai enough to be nominated for a Best Rock Song award? Ahakz. The answer is our latest single ‘Berdikari’ which can be heard here :

Inverted Coma Soundcloud

It’s our first foray into Malay song writing. We figured, we’re in Malaysia, so we’re out to prove that we can make kanasai music not only in English, but in Malay as well.

So there you go ….. do vote for us. If we do win in any of the above categories, (however unlikely that may be), I’ll be giving out free copies of our upcoming album to my vast legion of loyal readers~!

All 6 of you…


That Inverted Coma video

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You knew it was bound to happen …. Those 5 ugly looking guys in that band ….

Making music and making everyone uncomfortable with their music.

So what better way to carry on this discomfort than by making a video of all this discomfort.

In case you can’t get enough of them, do visit our Facebook page over here .

Inverted Coma Official Facebook Fan Page

Once you’re there, no harm liking this fan page no?

In the meantime enjoy the video!

Totally Unkanasai~!

Inverted Coma featured in

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My first blog posting for the year 2010 …. and what better way than to start it off with something different …

So here goes …. I’ve upgraded from pictures of 4 ugly guys …

to a video of 4 ugly guys~! WoohOoo

Yup …. the same ugly guys who call themselves Inverted Coma.

That’s the video recording of the interview …. the full article can be read over here …

We knew something was up when this gal from Voize started asking us funny funny questions and recording us with her phone.

We thought she was just a loyal Inverted Coma fan who wanted to well …. ask us funny funny questions and record us with her phone.

But seriously now, Charlene was great for she put us at ease during the whole interview. So cheers to her and cheers to Voize.

Oh yeah ….. and if you want to hear these guys on radio, do tune in to FlyFM this Sunday (10th January) at 7pm.

For Hunny Madu will be asking us funny funny questions on air and then playing ‘The Nudist Song’ …..


Inverted Coma nominated in VIMA awards. What’s VIMA anyway?

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Right …. so I already asked the question you guys have on your minds ain’t it?


Okay so as the banner says, VIMA actually stands for Voice Independent Music Awards. If you head on over to, you’ll find that Voize is actually an Asian lifestyle and entertainment website, focusing on indie music and social projects.

And they hold music awards annually.

And Inverted Coma was nominated . In 2 categories…..

Our first single ‘Miracles’ was nominated in the ‘Best Rock Song’ category

While ‘Nudist Song’ was nominated in the ‘Best Guitar Goreng Riff’ category

So as always I call upon shamelessly for help from you loyal readers. And that’s to head on over to choose the categories above and even if you think we suck, do vote for us.

You can vote for us not only once, but as many times as you want. No time-consuming registration required.

In fact if you find yourself with nothing to do one day, why not dedicate the whole day to clicking and voting for us over and over again?They say mouse clicking is a form of exercise.

Seriously now, thanks loads for all your support thus far.

Now go on over to and vote~!

A reminder that our music can be heard over at our Inverted Coma Facebook profile.

Or if you want the mp3 files of our songs, drop me a line. I’ll send you the songs and might just be the first person in music history to go to jail for pirating his own music.


All That Nudity

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You know what could only be better than a picture of a bunch of ugly nude guys ?


Well … a picture of a bunch of ugly people who’re NOT nude…..

So while we’re on the topic of nudity, let’s talk about a song about nudists.

Yup the song that I said would probably not be called Nudist when it’s done.

Well, the song is done.

And it’s called The Nudist Song.

The fact is we’ve called this song that for so long now, it’s hard to imagine it being called anything else.

Don’t believe me?

Try downloading the song here ….. Inverted Coma’s The Nudist Song ….

And tell me it you don’t think of sun, sea, sand and well … nude …erhm … people … once you take a listen.

For those who can’t get enough of Inverted Coma, unlikely as that may seem, do join our Facebook page at

WoohOoo. Take Everything~!!


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