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Ugly Guys on Seventeen Magazine

Band Related, Thoughts to Ponderon July 31st, 20087 Comments

Have you gotten the August issue of Seventeen magazine?

Why not?

I mean when you’re talking about a magazine like Seventeen, who’d actually get it just to look at pictures of skimpily clad teenagers and read up on fashion and beauty tips?

That’s crazy.

You’d also want to read up on the extremely in depth and meaningful articles they publish from time to time.

Like articles on certain bands out there that totally rock your socks off ….

Bah …. who am I kidding?

Now if you do get a copy of the August issue, and if you’re able to tear your eyes away from all the eye candy that makes up 95% of the magazine, do turn to the page that looks something like this…..


And if your attention allows and the irresistable urge to just flip to the next page for more eye candy doesn’t arise, then  do read up about the interview Inverted Coma had with Seventeen Magazine just before the Roxy Summer Splash 2008

We’d really like to thank Seventeen Magazine for putting in between the pages of pictures of sweet young things and buffed up hunks, a picture of 5 ugly men who could’ve easily marred their reputation and quite possibly brought to the ultimate downfall of their magazine.

…. Until the next Summer Splash~!

Roxy Summer Splash 2008 Experience

Band Related, My Favourites, Somewhere Elseon June 10th, 20087 Comments

Let’s start my Roxy Summer Splash 2008 experience with these pictures….



Being in KT for the past 1 and a half years, I kinda forgot that there were this many humans in Malaysia.

The fact was, even from the beginning of the event, people were lining up from the Sunway Lagoon entrance all the way to Sunway Pyramid.

We caught this view as we were making our way down to the Surf Beach. Down below people were jostling and pushing their way through, some managed to break past the police barricade and so chaos ensued.

I heard some people got stabbed and a girl got raped.

Nah ….. I’m just kidding.

But there were a few people who actually fainted though.

Of course at the back of our minds we imagined they were all lining up for our concert. We also imagined people jostling and pushing through just to get a glimpse of their favourite Inverted Coma member.

I think some people call this phenomenan syiok sendiri

Whatever it is, we were spared the extreme agony the others had to endure. And all thanks to this … 


So we went into Sunway Lagoon via the Elephant Walk. And the sight that greeted us …. 



The crowd was raring to go and so were we.

We managed to get a quick snap before taking the stage


See, having been relatively inactive for the past 6 months, we were rather skeptical about whether or not the crowd would accept us ….



No worries there…….

For not only did they respond to us, they even started moshing down below.

And once we hit the stage, the adrenaline rush was like no other feeling in the world.

But enough words already ….

 We had David at the mic….


 Me on lead guitar ….


 Ray on the keyboards and rhythm guitar….


 Julian on the bass ….


 And Kev on the drums …..


But on stage, we aren’t known as David, Jason, Raymond, Julian and Kevin….


No … on stage we’re Inverted Coma~!







And rock the stage we did.

I can’t really remember a more fun and fulfilling gig……. 


A shoutout of thanks to all those who turned up to support us on that day, and to all those who indirectly gave us your support!

Also to all of you who were rocking your heads off down below, I hope you didn’t get too much sand in your eyes or get hurt too badly from all that shoving.

Cheers to all of you~! 

A video of our performance coming up in my next posting …..


Roxy Summer Splash 2008

Band Related, Somewhat Serious Issues, Thoughts to Ponderon June 1st, 20086 Comments

A question I ask of you …..

What has Seventeen Magazine and Inverted Coma got to do with each other?

No, Inverted Coma’s not a band of perverts who oogle at seventeen year olds~!

At least I think we’re not.

No ….. what’s really happening here is that Inverted Coma will be given a 2 page feature in the August 2008 issue of Seventeen Magazine.

I know, I know, that still doesn’t explain the connection.

Well, Inverted Coma will be performing at the Roxy Summer Splash at the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach on the 7th of June 2008 which is co-organized by Seventeen Magazine.

And since we’re one of the many bands taking the stage on that day, a 2 page article will be written on us.

The other day before we went into the studio for jamming, a nice gal called Charlotte came in and did an interview with us.



 She asked us loads of questions about the band.

So us being the professional musicians we are, we did what was right …..

….. we lied through our teeth and exaggerated on just about everything.

But on a more serious note, a whole lot of things were asked and I do believe that if our band were to be summed up on 2 pages, it would be these 2 pages due to appear in August in Seventeen Magazine.

Well ……. at least we hope Charlotte keeps to her word and filters out all the nonsense and mindless jokes we made throughout the interview.

So there ……. if you happen to be a subscriber of Reader’s Digest or National Geographic …..

….. I say enough with all that junk already. Time to start reading Seventeen Magazine. Especially the upcoming August issue.

And of course not forgetting this upcoming gig …..

  • Roxy Summer Splash 2008
  • Sunway Lagoon, Surf Beach
  • 7th June 2008 (Saturday)
  • 1pm – 8pm
  • Bands performing : Inverted Coma, Pop Shuvit, Frequency Cannon and loads more

So if you’re free, do come on over.

See you guys there ~!

Inverted Coma on Just Jivin TV2

Band Related, Misc, Somewhere Elseon April 3rd, 2008No Comments

Was just talking about Good News and Bad News the other day ….

Well … the bad news is no longer bad news~! We managed to get a hold of the video of Inverted Coma on Just Jivin, TV2~!

But then again most of you would find an interview with 5 ugly looking guys who play really horribly noisy music bad news as well.

Nevertheless, there was a TV2 dude (Vinnie Voo) who came into the studio that day and asked us awkward questions and took shots of us from our worst angles.

He kept to his word.

He really did give the tape over to TV2. He didn’t sell the tape to Astro to be aired on ‘The 50 Worst Malaysian Bands Ever’

So here we have it, Inverted Coma featured on Just Jivin, TV2, 24th March 2008.

Inverted Coma featured on Just Jivin, TV2

For those of you who want to further punish yourselves by viewing the video again, the video will be in the My Videos section that can be found on one of the tabs at the top of the page.

Incidentally, there’re a few home recorded videos that I did recently and which I posted there too so do visit that page k? Pretty please? *blink*blink*

And of course, what’s the fun of having a blog when you can’t shamelessly promote things that you think are great, even when others think they’re not?

If you want to hear more tunes from Inverted Coma, you can visit us at our MySpace page at….


Good news and bad ….

Band Related, Misc, Somewhere Elseon March 25th, 20087 Comments

Here’s the good news …..

Inverted Coma was on TV2 last night~! WoohooOoo.

We knew there was something up when this big dude called Vinnie Voo came into the studio a few months back with a TV2 camera and took videos of us jamming.

We thought he was just some random fan who’d come to record his favourite band.


So fast forward to last night and WHAM …. there we were on TV2. For a half hour~! On some programme called Jivin It at 11.30pm – 12am.

Now here’s the bad news ….

Because it’s on TV and no one knows what the hell a VCR is anymore, I have absolutely no evidence of it being aired last night ….


Oh well, anyway thanks for the call naybora~!

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