Love Thy Chickens

Misc, Thoughts to Ponderon November 12th, 2007No Comments

Okay okay so PISGOR is Pisang Goreng. Maybe they wanted to save ink.

Incidentally, I was browsing around YouTube and came across this interesting piece on KFC. Yeap I’m still sore from the 24-hours-but-open-only-at-3pm thingy, but this really is an eye opener though.

Check it out guys …

Hey you…. KFC …. no not just you in KT…. Dowana eat your chicken readylar. You inhuman chicken murderers who lie about your opening hours. So kanasai one.

And what’s this issue about Pizza Hut and the double standards in billing their customers? True one ar? If so then I really must say ….


24 Jam meh?

It Can Only Be KT, Very the Kanasaion October 2nd, 20073 Comments

Eh kanasai, can somebody answer me this …

You, hey you, Yup you. Can you please tell me why it is that you stick up that big bloody ‘DIBUKA 24 JAM’ sign up on your premise, but you open only at 3pm everyday?

Yes you … KFC in KT…. I’m talking to you ……


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