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Peanut what?

Disputable Language, It Can Only Be KT, My Favourites, Very the Kanasaion December 18th, 2007No Comments

Just remembered this little incident that happened not too long ago …

Was with my housemates chilling at a stall here in KT (the most happening stall cause it’s the only one that opens until 1am =P)

So my housemate ordered like …. french toast. He then asked the dude….

‘Could i have peanut butter with that?’

.. The dude gave us such a blank stare, you’d think we just spoke Japanese or something…

Kanasai man.

So he tried again … ‘Boleh tak bagi peanut butter?’

It took the dude a whole minute before he spoke again ….

…’Takdelar, tapi kita ada …. aper tu …… mentega….. mentega kacang’ …..

Kanasai ..

Burgers in a faraway place

It Can Only Be KT, My Favouriteson October 7th, 20071 Comment


Okay so take a look at this.

Nolah I’m not asking you to look at the Mercedeslah …. kanasai.

Yes it’s McD. In KT~! Yup it’s opening soon.

Would you believe me if I told you there has never been a McD in KT before this?

I do believe in time to come, history in KT will be divided into 2 eras ….The time BEFORE there was McD…. and the time AFTER it opened ……

I’m glad I’ll be there to witness this historic transition


It Can Only Be KT, Pharmacy Related, Very the Kanasaion September 27th, 20074 Comments

I say this again and again ….. Kanasai~!

My first post in my first blog.

I’m a pharmacist. I’m currently working in Terengganu. Working here against my own will because the kind people in the government have made it impossible to do anything else. Serve them well during your pupillage and they’ll reward you by sending you out to some klinik kesihatan near India where there’s no electricity. Leave the government and they’ll reward you with a hefty RM50000 fine and a nice stripping of your registration as a pharmacist. So there. We’re basically screwed left right center.

I was more fortunate than some of my peers. I’m in the enforcement now. Yes, I enforce the law. About 3 times in a month. At other times, I’m enforcing my reading skills by reading the newspapers in the office. I’m also enforcing my net surfing prowess and downloading skills. For all this I’m truly thankful.

A few of my mates got places I haven’t even heard of. Muazam Shah. I thought that was in Brunei. Kanasai. Another friend of mine from KL got the enforcement in Kelantan. It’s near the airport. He hangs out there everyday during work. Enforcing his patience and the ability to prevent sleep in the most boring of circumstances.The government acts in mysterious ways. It brings people closer together …. Even if it means being closer together 500km away from home. My housemates currently consist of people who live really near to me ….. in KL. I kid you not. I’m from Bukit Indah. The other dude’s from Happy Garden. A 3rd one’s from OUG. We’re like neighbours who only found out we’re neighbours during an European trip.

Those who were from Terengganu were allowed to transfer out. Those who WEREN’T from Terengganu were made to stay in Terengganu. Worst still, those who were already working in KL and are from KL were MADE to COME to Terengganu. So in the end we have loads of bitter pharmacists who are hundreds of kilometeres away from home, giving pharmaceutical care to total strangers and yet not knowing what’s happening with their family’s health back home. Kanasai I tell you.

Here’s what I think those people in charge of postings are up to.

“Oh what do we have today. A dude from KL who’s in Terengganu who wants to get back to KL. Oh there’s a guy from Terengganu who wants to transfer out. Oh heck, we’ll tend to him first. Let him transfer out from his home town. And the guy from KL, we’ll let him STAY OUT from his home town, in Terengganu. Hey, there’re others in KL who’re happy where they are. Let’s add in some spice and transfer THEM all out to Terengganu. How bout the others in Terengganu? Why not send them to KL to take the place of those from KL whom we’ll be sending to Terengganu? Oh this is all getting me a headache, let’s go for lunch”

Kanasai betul ~!


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