Civilisation Takes a Great Plunge

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I show no pretense in this ……… 

It’s a well known fact that Kuala Terengganu’s been the place from which I draw inspiration for most of my blog postings.

In fact being in KT was the main reason why I started a blog in the first place.

So here’s the question that many people have asked me…..

….. “Jason …… so will you continue torturing us with all the incessant ramblings and nonsense about KT that you post on your blog all the time”

And to that I reply …

“Of course I won’t. I’m not inhuman.”

“From now on I will only torture you with incessant ramblings and nonsense about KL

Cause I believe KL is not without its share of kanasai-ness.

Cause the way I see it ….

KT used to have one very kanasai person there …..  


Now KL pulak got one very kanasai person …. 


See … not much difference in the Kanasai factor is there?

So it is with this that I humbly announce a new chapter in my Kanasai blog.

You know …. the chapter where I move back to KL and civilization there takes a great plunge ……

Ahhhh ….

It’s great to be home~!

More kanasai-ness coming your way. Right after I figure out how to shift my shitload of stuff from KT back to KL. Hmmmm

Our Exciting Weekend in KT

It Can Only Be KT, My Favourites, Very the Kanasaion March 22nd, 20082 Comments

It’s really marvellous what you can do with a projector.

Awhile back, I had the office’s projector for the weekend. I was given the task of keeping it safe so being the responsible pharmacist I am, I brought it back home.

 …….and used it to set up a home theatre right here in the apartment.

Since there’s no cinema here in KT, we all figured why not bring the cinema to us?


So we busied ourselves setting the speakers and the projector and all up. And when we were done, our home theatre looked something like this ….. 



Kanasai … not bad eh?

There was just one glitch though. 

Like any bachelor’s pad, our apartment living room is fully furnished. Furnished with emptiness.

So naturally we don’t have a sofa. Or a table. Or chairs. In fact our kanasai living room is so freaking empty, people whisper also can hear echo.

Ahaaaa …. but there was an empty mattress lying around. So we made it into our cinema seats and made believe we were in the cinema.




It was really good.  

In fact it was so good that we reckoned maybe we could get other people in the apartment to join us and like you know ….. maybe charge them. I already had the name in mind …

Panggung Wayang Kanasai dan Rakan-rakan Kanasainya

Maybe like 5 bucks per movie on week nights and 8 bucks during the weekend.

Wahh …. can get rich leh…

Imagine if we had porn videos after 11pm. We could charge double then…….. $_$ 

But of course our kanasai idea didn’t take off. Cause everytime we looked at the projector …..


 … Yup …. there’s that familiar dreaded Hak Kerajaan sign.  

Now let’s just hope my boss, who already thinks I’m a pervert and gives me funny looks, doesn’t decide to start reading blogs …

Kanasai ~!

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