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Haven’t had much time to update my blog recently…

So here’s a picture of a cute kitty chilling …

Cause well …. the internet loves cats.

2013-03-02 18.27.48

Hello there~!


Kanasai Cats

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I’m a cat lover.

All my family members are cat lovers. I don’t know why but somehow, somewhere along the road a few years ago, we took to feeding the stray cats that wondered near our house

Since we fed them and they spent the majority of their time hanging around our house, we called them OUR cats. Which is a bloody perasan thing actually.

Now that I come to think of it, I think they were more like ‘part-time’ cats.

Usually they’d come only during meal times, meow like nobody’s business, leave a big mess that we’d have to clean up, then walk away as if we owed them a living.

There was of course the occasional tummy rub they allowed us to give them. But then after that we’d be inclined to feed them even more.

What the hell, they were actually fooling us all along man~!

Kanasai …..

Yup. I’m a cat lover.

I’m just not so sure why.

For one they’re like the most unfriendly creatures on planet earth. I mean …take a look at my neighbour’s puppies.

Adorable little buggers aren’t they ?

Then you think back about those cats…….

Makes me wonder why I like cats in the first place.

Why there was even a time when we were feeding around 7-8 cats, which we ever so perasan-ly called ours. It was a joy seeing them all lapping up their food eagerly. They’d definitely be grateful and come snuggle up to us after that. You watch and see.

But of course after each meal they’d all disappear…….

….Makes me feel abit stupid now actually.

Those of you people who actually think you own a cat, think again man.

THEY actually OWN YOU.~!

You think they’re actually submitting to you when they allow you to tummy rub them? It’s all part of a cleverly derived scheme to lull you into a fall sense of security.

You think they bother when you try to taking nice pictures of them?

Come to think of it, taking a decent and nice picture of my cats has been thus far bordering on the impossible.

They’re either busy ignoring you …..

 Or they’re hissing at you just for being a human ….Or they’re sleeping…….. In really really funny places ….. like this cat of mine.…. 

Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t know how the heck he got up there.

 Apparently he’s been sleeping there quite often according to my dad.

I think cats in general just don’t like humans. Heck I think they don’t even like each other ….

Trust me, they’ve got us all fooled I tell you…..

And if they had just one message to all humans, it’d be this…..


….. Erhmm ….. maybe I’ll adopt the neighbour’s dog after all…


Anyway, if you have time, do check out these 2 websites. Guaranteed to make your day.

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