Inverted Coma for Best Rock Act in VIMA Awards 2013

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Inverted Coma for President in 2013~!

Ok, now that I’ve gotten your attention …..

Them 4 ugly dudes in that band called Inverted Coma are back. And with them, new songs that are guaranteed to stir emotions in you …. though not always positive ones.

We’ve been nominated in the upcoming VIMA (Voize Independent Music Awards) 2013 in not one … but two categories. *gasp*

Yup, we’re up for awards in these categories :-

Best Rock Song 

Best Rock Act

So whilst you loyal readers are getting your daily dose of kanasainess over here, why not mosey along over to the links above and vote for us?

I don’t think you’ve got much to lose … except your dignity and sensible judgement.

You’re probably going to ask this next …. what song was kanasai enough to be nominated for a Best Rock Song award? Ahakz. The answer is our latest single ‘Berdikari’ which can be heard here :

Inverted Coma Soundcloud

It’s our first foray into Malay song writing. We figured, we’re in Malaysia, so we’re out to prove that we can make kanasai music not only in English, but in Malay as well.

So there you go ….. do vote for us. If we do win in any of the above categories, (however unlikely that may be), I’ll be giving out free copies of our upcoming album to my vast legion of loyal readers~!

All 6 of you…


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Have you ever thought of getting your own  dot com? Along with your own server space? As well as reseller hosting rights and other equally cool stuff?

Am I talking English?

Well I am actually.

To put it simply, say you run a blog over at blogspot. And you find that just doesn’t cut it for you. It doesn’t sound cool enough.

And you want people to know your blog as

Well think no further…..

(Shameless self promo alert)


…. and head on over to

You’ll find that we offer hosting plans from as low as RM20 per year. Once you sign up, (on top of giving us business), you’ll get your own server space, your own domain and also cool email addresses that you can set for yourself.

So if you register your domain as, you can set your own cool email addresses like or don’

Do note that we only offer you .com coolness. We can’t help it if your domain selection doesn’t sound cool to start with. So if you’re thinking of getting, do think again.

Okay, on a more serious note,

We over at strive to provide you with an  affordable and cheap way of hosting your website. Hosting could be anything, ranging from starting your own blog, to setting up your own online business.

For as low as RM20 per year, with a bit of extra charge for domain registration, you could be having your very own website with your very own dot com. Or dot net, or dot org depending on availability.

Already having your own website at a different web host that’s charging you a bomb? No problem, we also offer transfer services. Meaning to say we’ll transfer your entire website from your previous server to our server, all at absolutely no charge.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out now~!


Malaysia Does It Again

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Okay …. I’m no marketing and advertising expert.

The way I see it, advertising is pretty simple and straightforward.

You want people to know about something, you put a picture of your product and some catchy tagline and you’ve got a pretty good advertisement.

Take Apple for example. 


They want you to know about their new Iphone 3GS, they put a picture of an Iphone 3GS in their ads.

And Nike? 


Those sports shoes look pretty good no? Hot at that.

But I think it’s done quite differently in Malaysia.

When they want people to know about the Monsoon Cup in Terengganu …. 



They put pictures of Mat Sallehs doing silat in their advertisements ….

Way to go Malaysia ….

*shakes head*



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