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The election results were totally awesome this year don’t you think?

Who’d have guessed things would turn out the way they did. Almost all the big guns had their asses whooped.

And those who won had weird ass names … like Datuk Warno Dogol and Dr Lo’ Lo’ Mohd Ghazali.

Who the hell names their kid Lo’ Lo’ man? With the aprostrophe some more. That’s like killing your child’s social life at birth.

So we can safely say goodbye to Zam. Maybe he’ll finally go for English lessons after this and have good long erections


And oh poor Samy Vellu. Look at the poor guy… 


Erhmm… Nolar …. I take that back. Bye Samy~!

Really kanasai to note is that not only is he in denial, he’s gonna continue as MIC president.

But at least he’ll no longer be building bridges that collapse then saying that ‘God doesn’t build bridges, humans do’.

I personally think Koh Tsu Koon was the hero of the night. Seriously. He was calm, collected and most of all he was professional. At the end of the day, I was actually rooting for him….. But for a short while onlyler. 


And Theresa Kok? My lady~! Talk about making an impact. With style~! Woohoo.  


You go gal you go.

From the looks of things I really have this to say. The biggest loser of the night was probably none other than our very own prime minister.

I mean come on lar Pak Lah.

First you say you won’t call for erection in a long time, then in the same day, you dissolve the parliament.

People ask you don’t call erection so early, let Anwar be eligible, then he’ll only be in charge of one place. Now what happened? He was free to run around everywhere and rile everyone up.

People want to have peaceful demonstration, you stop and arrest them. Your son in law does the craziest shit to that effect and he goes scot free.

Then some more …..

Okay man I’d better like … shut up.

In any case, it’ll be refreshing to see what the newly formed opposition government has in store for us. Let’s hope they won’t let us down.

Oh yeah ….. the other reason for this blog posting was my trip down memory lane.

You see, elections mean much more to me than just casting that ballot. My polling station also happens to be my primary school. And this year I had the presence of mind to bring a camera along with me. 




Ahhh …. to be young again. I remember running down this very corridor as a standard 1 kid, slipping and falling flat into the drain. Then I cried my butocks off until my mum came.

Then there was the time where I used to tease the gal I fancied by pulling her hair and calling her names.

Wouldn’t it be fun to relive all those days again?

Well technically I could, but if I did that to the gal I fancied in the office, I’d probably get arrested and stoned to death or something. And if I were still alive, my gf would probably kill me off. 


Malaysian Election Fever in KT

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Election this year’s rather hyped up I must admit. Especially in Terengganu.

For it could go either way this time. With campaigns at full force in KT, the question of who’ll win this term remains highly debatable.

And campaigning here in KT has gotten really messy.

I mean …. literarily..




I don’t know about other states but it’s kind of overdone here. Everywhere you go you see flags. All the roads are cluttered up with flags.

It’s like freaking flag city over here. I have some colleagues who complain that flags are placed at junctions blocking sight of incoming cars.

…..I think it’s just a ploy actually.

I mean ….. think of it ….. you put up the opposition’s flags in the oppositions’s area and block up the roads. Cars come and see their flags, get distracted, bang into each other and they all die. And blame it on the opposition. Bloody brilliant huh?

Anyway, I believe that winning votes goes way beyond just flags and posters man. 

You’ve also got to give bribes, lie through your teeth and employ bogus voters.

….. I think i have the makings of a self respecting politician.

Whatever it is, there’re other reasons why I say that campaigning here is abit overdone….

Take a look at these …..


 BN sweets man~!

They were handing these sweets free over at Chinatown.

When you’re accepting gifts that involve food, you’ve really got to be careful man. You never know what ancient voodoo charms they’ve put in those.

You suck on one of those and you might end up doing this ….


Kanasai. *shudder*

They were also giving out this ….


Woohooo~!! BN tissues.

Now whenever you need to wipe your mouth of ipoh hor fun or get rid of your booger, you’ll think of BN. 

And of course, being in KT during the elections, you just know you’re gonna run into some funny signs. Signs like these : 






Can you imagine how these guys would fare if they sat for an SPM BM paper and wrote like that?


Honestly speaking, after reading all those signs, not only do I get a big headache…. in the end I don’t really know who the heck the people who put the banners up are rooting for in the first place.


Like this sign here …. With the ‘dun’ word in front there, I thought the dudes were talking like, SMS language or something.

You know, Dun Batu Burok, as in Don’t Batu Burok, same like maybe ….. Dun Seputeh, or Dun Ampang, or Dun Berbogel ….

Of course it means Dewan Undangan Negerilah …. but still ….

…. Then maybe the Molek was a name of someone and they meant ….. Molek Duhhh …. then Weeh was like some crude way of addressing you as in …..Wei~! …..

…Which in the end doesn’t really make any sense anyway….

What the hell man …. You know what I’m gonna say right?

Kanasai betul.

No doubt the election fever is in the air. In just 2 days we’ll all be deciding on the fate of our nation.

Let’s all go out there and do the right thing~!

As for me …… you can be darn sure I’ll be there at the polling booth.

Now where’s that tissue paper again? ……


I’m gonna take a crap and need something to wipe my ass with ….


P/S : When I started this blog, I actually vowed not to touch so much on politics. This posting is merely a look at the lighter side of the upcoming elections and does not actually represent my allegiance.

Hey …… really wor!

I hope I didn’t offend anyone with this post, and if I did …. well …erhmmm ..

Too badlor =P

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